The Battle for Wesnoth  1.15.3+dev
animated< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for animated< T >, including all inherited members.

acceleration_animated< T >private
add_frame(int duration, const T &value, bool force_change=false)animated< T >
anim_description typedefanimated< T >
animated(int start_time=0)animated< T >
animated(const std::vector< frame_description > &cfg, int start_time=0, bool force_change=false)animated< T >
animation_finished() constanimated< T >
animation_finished_potential() constanimated< T >
current_frame_key_animated< T >private
cycles() constanimated< T >inline
cycles_animated< T >private
does_not_change() constanimated< T >inline
does_not_change_animated< T >private
force_change()animated< T >inline
force_next_update_animated< T >private
frame_description typedefanimated< T >
frames_animated< T >private
get_animation_duration() constanimated< T >
get_animation_time() constanimated< T >
get_animation_time_potential() constanimated< T >
get_begin_time() constanimated< T >
get_current_frame() constanimated< T >
get_current_frame_begin_time() constanimated< T >
get_current_frame_duration() constanimated< T >
get_current_frame_end_time() constanimated< T >
get_current_frame_time() constanimated< T >
get_end_time() constanimated< T >
get_first_frame() constanimated< T >
get_frame(std::size_t n) constanimated< T >
get_frames_count() constanimated< T >
get_last_frame() constanimated< T >
last_update_tick_animated< T >private
max_animation_time_animated< T >private
need_update() constanimated< T >
pause_animation()animated< T >inline
remove_frames_until(int starting_time)animated< T >protected
restart_animation()animated< T >inline
set_animation_time(int time)animated< T >
set_begin_time(int new_begin_time)animated< T >
set_end_time(int ending_time)animated< T >protected
set_max_animation_time(int time)animated< T >
start_animation(int start_time, bool cycles=false)animated< T >
start_tick_animated< T >private
started_animated< T >private
starting_frame_time_animated< T >protected
tick_to_time(int animation_tick) constanimated< T >
time_to_tick(int animation_time) constanimated< T >
unit_animation classanimated< T >friend
update_last_draw_time(double acceleration=0)animated< T >
void_value_animated< T >static
~animated()animated< T >inlinevirtual