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hotkey::hotkey_joystick Class Reference

#include <hotkey_item.hpp>

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Protected Attributes

int button_
- Protected Attributes inherited from hotkey::hotkey_base
std::string command_
 The command that should be executed, or "null". More...
bool is_default_
 is_default_ is true if the hot-key is part of the default hot-key list defined in data/core/hotkeys.cfg. More...
bool is_disabled_
unsigned int mod_

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from hotkey::hotkey_base
 hotkey_base ()
 Initialises a new empty hotkey that will be disabled. More...
void set_command (const std::string &command)
void set_mods (unsigned int mods)
 Set keyboard modifiers. More...
const std::string & get_command () const
 Returns the string name of the HOTKEY_COMMAND. More...
const std::string get_description () const
 Returns the translated description. More...
virtual bool hidden () const
 This controls whether the item should appear in the hotkey preferences. More...
bool is_default () const
 This indicates whether a hotkey is from the default config or if it's from the user preferences. More...
void unset_default ()
 Used to indicate that a hotkey is overridden and should be treated as a user-set hotkey. More...
bool is_disabled () const
void disable ()
void enable ()
void clear ()
 Unbind this hotkey by linking it to the null-command. More...
bool null () const
 Returns whether this hotkey points to the null-command. More...
bool active () const
virtual bool valid () const =0
 Evaluates whether the hotkey bindings are valid. More...
void save (config &cfg) const
 Save the hotkey into the configuration object. More...
const std::string get_name () const
 Return "name" of hotkey. More...
bool matches (const SDL_Event &event) const
 Used to evaluate whether: More...
virtual bool bindings_equal (hotkey_ptr other)
 Checks whether the hotkey bindings and scope are equal. More...
virtual ~hotkey_base ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from hotkey::hotkey_base
virtual const std::string get_name_helper () const =0
 This is invoked by hotkey_base::get_name and must be implemented by subclasses. More...
virtual bool matches_helper (const SDL_Event &event) const =0
 This is invoked by hotkey_base::matches as a helper for the concrete classes. More...
virtual void save_helper (config &cfg) const =0
virtual bool bindings_equal_helper (hotkey_ptr other) const =0
 This is invoked by hotkey_base::bindings_equal as a helper for the concrete classes. More...

Detailed Description

not implemented

Definition at line 347 of file hotkey_item.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ button_

int hotkey::hotkey_joystick::button_

Definition at line 350 of file hotkey_item.hpp.

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