The Battle for Wesnoth  1.13.10+dev
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Deprecated List
Member gui2::field< T, W, CT >::get_widget_value (window &window)
Use references to a variable instead.
Member gui2::pane::pane (const builder_grid_ptr item_builder)
Use the second overload.
Member gui2::viewport::viewport (widget &widget)
use the second overload.
Member gui2::widget::dialog ()
The function was used to install callbacks to member functions of the dialog. Once all widgets are converted to signals this function will be removed.
Member gui2::widget::widget ()
use the second overload.
Member t_translation::read_game_map (const std::string &str, starting_positions &positions, coordinate border_offset=coordinate{0, 0})
NOTE it's deprecated to use this feature.
  • Terrain strings are separated by comma's or an end of line symbol, for the last terrain string in the row. For readability it's allowed to pad strings with either spaces or tab, however the tab is deprecated.
  • A terrain string contains either a terrain or a terrain and starting location. The following format is used [S ]T S = starting location a positive non-zero number T = terrain code (see read_terrain_code)
    positionsThis parameter will be filled with the starting locations found. Starting locations can only occur once if multiple definitions occur of the same position only the last is stored. The returned value is a map:
  • first the starting locations
  • second a coordinate structure where the location was found