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action.hpp File Reference

Editor action classes. More...

#include "editor/action/action_base.hpp"
#include "editor/map/map_fragment.hpp"
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class  editor::editor_action_whole_map
 Replace contents of the entire map, Useful as a fallback undo method when something else would be impractical. More...
class  editor::editor_action_extendable
 Base class for actions that: 1) operate on an area 2) can be used as undo for a click-drag operation 3) can be extended so one undo action undos several actual drag actions. More...
class  editor::editor_action_chain
 Container action wrapping several actions into one. More...
class  editor::editor_action_location
 Base class for actions which act on a specified location (and possibly on other locations that can be derived from the staring hex) More...
class  editor::editor_action_location_terrain
 Base class for actions which in addition to acting on a hex, act with one terrain type, i.e. More...
class  editor::editor_action_area
 Base class for area-affecting actions. More...
class  editor::editor_action_paste
 Paste a map fragment into the map. More...
class  editor::editor_action_paint_area
 Paint the same terrain on a number of locations on the map. More...
class  editor::editor_action_fill
 Flood fill. More...
class  editor::editor_action_starting_position
 Set starting position action. More...
class  editor::editor_action_resize_map
 Resize the map. More...
class  editor::editor_action_apply_mask
class  editor::editor_action_create_mask
class  editor::editor_action_shuffle_area
 Randomize terrain in an area. More...


 Manage the empty-palette in the editor.

Detailed Description

Editor action classes.

Some important points:

Definition in file action.hpp.