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mariadb Namespace Reference




class  account
 Class used to store account and connection information used by mariadb::connection when connecting. More...
class  bind
class  connection
 Wraps a Database connection. More...
class  data
class  date_time
 Class used to represent SQL date_time. More...
class  decimal
class  last_error
class  option_arg
class  result_set
 Class used to store query and statement results. More...
class  save_point
 Class used to represent a MariaDB savepoint having automatic rollback functionality. More...
class  statement
 Class representing a prepared statement with binding functionality. More...
struct  statement_data
class  time
 Class representing SQL time. More...
class  time_span
class  transaction
 Class representing a SQL transaction having automatic rollback functionality. More...
class  worker


typedef std::shared_ptr< accountaccount_ref
using bind_ref = std::unique_ptr< bind >
typedef std::shared_ptr< ::mariadb::data< char > > data_ref
typedef std::basic_iostream< ::mariadb::data< char > > data_stream
typedef std::shared_ptr< statement_datastatement_data_ref
typedef std::shared_ptr< result_setresult_set_ref
typedef std::shared_ptr< save_pointsave_point_ref
typedef std::shared_ptr< connectionconnection_ref
typedef std::shared_ptr< statementstatement_ref
typedef std::shared_ptr< transactiontransaction_ref
typedef unsigned char u8
typedef unsigned short u16
typedef unsigned int u32
typedef signed char s8
typedef signed short s16
typedef signed int s32
typedef float f32
typedef double f64
typedef long double f128
typedef unsigned long long u64
typedef signed long long s64
typedef u64 handle
typedef std::shared_ptr< std::istream > stream_ref


 MAKE_OPTION_ARG (bool, bool, &m_value)
 MAKE_OPTION_ARG (int, int, &m_value)
 MAKE_OPTION_ARG (string, std::string, m_value.c_str())
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const date_time &ddt)
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const time &t)
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const time_span &ts)
int localtime_safe (struct tm *_tm, const time_t *_time)
int gmtime_safe (struct tm *_tm, const time_t *_time)

Typedef Documentation

◆ account_ref

typedef std::shared_ptr<account> mariadb::account_ref

Definition at line 19 of file account.hpp.

◆ bind_ref

using mariadb::bind_ref = typedef std::unique_ptr<bind>

Definition at line 71 of file bind.hpp.

◆ connection_ref

typedef std::shared_ptr<connection> mariadb::connection_ref

Definition at line 33 of file statement.hpp.

◆ data_ref

typedef std::shared_ptr< ::mariadb::data<char> > mariadb::data_ref

Definition at line 170 of file data.hpp.

◆ data_stream

typedef std::basic_iostream< ::mariadb::data<char> > mariadb::data_stream

Definition at line 171 of file data.hpp.

◆ f128

typedef long double mariadb::f128

Definition at line 28 of file types.hpp.

◆ f32

typedef float mariadb::f32

Definition at line 26 of file types.hpp.

◆ f64

typedef double mariadb::f64

Definition at line 27 of file types.hpp.

◆ handle

Definition at line 38 of file types.hpp.

◆ result_set_ref

typedef std::shared_ptr<result_set> mariadb::result_set_ref

Definition at line 219 of file result_set.hpp.

◆ s16

typedef signed short mariadb::s16

Definition at line 24 of file types.hpp.

◆ s32

typedef signed int mariadb::s32

Definition at line 25 of file types.hpp.

◆ s64

typedef signed long long mariadb::s64

Definition at line 35 of file types.hpp.

◆ s8

typedef signed char mariadb::s8

Definition at line 23 of file types.hpp.

◆ save_point_ref

typedef std::shared_ptr<save_point> mariadb::save_point_ref

Definition at line 50 of file save_point.hpp.

◆ statement_data_ref

typedef std::shared_ptr<statement_data> mariadb::statement_data_ref

Definition at line 64 of file result_set.hpp.

◆ statement_ref

typedef std::shared_ptr<statement> mariadb::statement_ref

Definition at line 109 of file statement.hpp.

◆ stream_ref

typedef std::shared_ptr<std::istream> mariadb::stream_ref

Definition at line 78 of file types.hpp.

◆ transaction_ref

typedef std::shared_ptr<transaction> mariadb::transaction_ref

Definition at line 78 of file transaction.hpp.

◆ u16

typedef unsigned short mariadb::u16

Definition at line 21 of file types.hpp.

◆ u32

typedef unsigned int mariadb::u32

Definition at line 22 of file types.hpp.

◆ u64

typedef unsigned long long mariadb::u64

Definition at line 34 of file types.hpp.

◆ u8

typedef unsigned char mariadb::u8

Definition at line 20 of file types.hpp.

Function Documentation

◆ gmtime_safe()

int mariadb::gmtime_safe ( struct tm *  _tm,
const time_t *  _time 

Definition at line 27 of file private.hpp.

Referenced by mariadb::time::now_utc(), and mariadb::date_time::now_utc().

◆ localtime_safe()

int mariadb::localtime_safe ( struct tm *  _tm,
const time_t *  _time 


mariadb::MAKE_OPTION_ARG ( bool  ,
bool  ,


mariadb::MAKE_OPTION_ARG ( int  ,
int  ,


mariadb::MAKE_OPTION_ARG ( string  ,
std::string  ,
m_value.  c_str() 

◆ operator<<() [1/3]

std::ostream & mariadb::operator<< ( std::ostream &  os,
const time_span ts 

◆ operator<<() [2/3]

std::ostream & mariadb::operator<< ( std::ostream &  os,
const time t 

Definition at line 374 of file time.cpp.

References mariadb::time::str_time().

◆ operator<<() [3/3]

std::ostream & mariadb::operator<< ( std::ostream &  os,
const date_time ddt 

Definition at line 587 of file date_time.cpp.

References mariadb::date_time::str().