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Proto Struct Reference

#include <lobject.h>

Public Attributes

lu_byte numparams
lu_byte is_vararg
lu_byte maxstacksize
int sizeupvalues
int sizek
int sizecode
int sizelineinfo
int sizep
int sizelocvars
int linedefined
int lastlinedefined
struct Proto ** p
int * lineinfo
struct LClosurecache

Detailed Description

Definition at line 407 of file lobject.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ cache

struct LClosure* Proto::cache

Definition at line 426 of file lobject.h.

Referenced by getcached(), luaF_newproto(), pushclosure(), and traverseproto().

◆ code

Instruction* Proto::code

◆ CommonHeader


Definition at line 408 of file lobject.h.

◆ gclist

GCObject* Proto::gclist

Definition at line 428 of file lobject.h.

Referenced by propagatemark().

◆ is_vararg

lu_byte Proto::is_vararg

◆ k

TValue* Proto::k

◆ lastlinedefined

int Proto::lastlinedefined

Definition at line 419 of file lobject.h.

Referenced by body(), DumpFunction(), funcinfo(), LoadFunction(), and luaF_newproto().

◆ linedefined

int Proto::linedefined

Definition at line 418 of file lobject.h.

Referenced by body(), DumpFunction(), errorlimit(), funcinfo(), LoadFunction(), and luaF_newproto().

◆ lineinfo

int* Proto::lineinfo

◆ locvars

LocVar* Proto::locvars

◆ maxstacksize

lu_byte Proto::maxstacksize

◆ numparams

lu_byte Proto::numparams

◆ p

struct Proto** Proto::p

◆ sizecode

int Proto::sizecode

◆ sizek

int Proto::sizek

◆ sizelineinfo

int Proto::sizelineinfo

◆ sizelocvars

int Proto::sizelocvars

◆ sizep

int Proto::sizep

◆ sizeupvalues

int Proto::sizeupvalues

◆ source

TString* Proto::source

◆ upvalues

Upvaldesc* Proto::upvalues

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