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terrain.hpp File Reference
#include "config.hpp"
#include "terrain/translation.hpp"
#include "utils/math.hpp"
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class  terrain_type


void create_terrain_maps (const config::const_child_itors &cfgs, t_translation::ter_list &terrain_list, std::map< t_translation::terrain_code, terrain_type > &letter_to_terrain)
void merge_alias_lists (t_translation::ter_list &first, const t_translation::ter_list &second)

Function Documentation

◆ create_terrain_maps()

void create_terrain_maps ( const config::const_child_itors cfgs,
t_translation::ter_list terrain_list,
std::map< t_translation::terrain_code, terrain_type > &  letter_to_terrain 

◆ merge_alias_lists()

void merge_alias_lists ( t_translation::ter_list first,
const t_translation::ter_list second 

Definition at line 367 of file terrain.cpp.

References t_translation::BASE, i, t_translation::MINUS, and t_translation::PLUS.

Referenced by terrain_type::terrain_type().