The Battle for Wesnoth  1.19.0-dev
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canvas_private.hpp File Reference
#include "gui/core/canvas.hpp"
#include "gui/auxiliary/typed_formula.hpp"
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class  gui2::line_shape
 Definition of a line. More...
class  gui2::rect_bounded_shape
 Class holding common attribute names (for WML) and common implementation (in C++) for shapes placed with the 4 attributes x, y, w and h. More...
class  gui2::rectangle_shape
 Definition of a rectangle. More...
class  gui2::round_rectangle_shape
 Definition of a rounded rectangle shape. More...
class  gui2::circle_shape
 Definition of a circle. More...
class  gui2::image_shape
 Keys: More...
class  gui2::text_shape


 Generic file dialog.