The Battle for Wesnoth  1.17.12+dev
gui2::field< T, W, CT > Member List

This is the complete list of members for gui2::field< T, W, CT >, including all inherited members.

attach_to_window(window &window)gui2::field_baseinline
callback_load_value_gui2::field< T, W, CT >private
callback_save_value_gui2::field< T, W, CT >private
field(const std::string &id, const bool mandatory, const std::function< T()> &callback_load_value, const std::function< void(CT)> &callback_save_value)gui2::field< T, W, CT >inline
field(const std::string &id, const bool mandatory, T &linked_variable)gui2::field< T, W, CT >inline
field(const std::string &id, const bool mandatory, const T &value)gui2::field< T, W, CT >inline
field_base(const std::string &id, const bool mandatory)gui2::field_baseinline
finalize_generic()gui2::field< T, W, CT >inlineprivatevirtual
get_widget() constgui2::field_baseinline
get_widget_value()gui2::field< T, W, CT >inline
id() constgui2::field_baseinline
init_generic()gui2::field< T, W, CT >inlineprivatevirtual
is_mandatory() constgui2::field_baseinline
link_gui2::field< T, W, CT >private
restore()gui2::field< T, W, CT >inlineprivate
save(const bool must_be_active)gui2::field< T, W, CT >inlineprivate
set_cache_value(CT value)gui2::field< T, W, CT >inline
set_widget_value(CT value)gui2::field< T, W, CT >inline
validate_widget()gui2::field< T, W, CT >inlineprivate
value_gui2::field< T, W, CT >private
widget_restore()gui2::field< T, W, CT >inlinevirtual
widget_save()gui2::field< T, W, CT >inlinevirtual
widget_set_enabled(const bool enable, const bool sync)gui2::field_baseinline