The Battle for Wesnoth  1.19.0-dev
client.hpp File Reference

Networked add-ons (campaignd) client interface. More...

#include "addon/info.hpp"
#include "gui/dialogs/network_transmission.hpp"
#include "network_asio.hpp"
#include <set>
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class  addons_client
 Add-ons (campaignd) client class. More...
struct  addons_client::invalid_server_address
struct  addons_client::not_connected_to_server
struct  addons_client::user_exit
struct  addons_client::user_disconnect
struct  addons_client::install_result
 Contains the outcome of an add-on install operation. More...

Detailed Description

Networked add-ons (campaignd) client interface.

This API revolves around the campaignd client functionality. It depends on the add-ons management and Asio network APIs.

Definition in file client.hpp.