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helper.hpp File Reference
#include "gui/widgets/scrollbar_container.hpp"
#include <string>
#include <vector>
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 Generic file dialog.


using gui2::implementation::scrollbar_mode = scrollbar_container::scrollbar_mode


unsigned gui2::implementation::get_v_align (const std::string &v_align)
 Returns the vertical alignment. More...
unsigned gui2::implementation::get_h_align (const std::string &h_align)
 Returns the horizontal alignment. More...
unsigned gui2::implementation::get_border (const std::vector< std::string > &borders)
 Returns the border flags. More...
unsigned gui2::implementation::read_flags (const config &cfg)
 Returns the placement/resize flags. More...
scrollbar_mode gui2::implementation::get_scrollbar_mode (const std::string &scrollbar_mode)
 Returns the scrollbar mode flags. More...
int gui2::implementation::get_retval (const std::string &retval_id, const int retval, const std::string &id)
 Returns the return value for a widget. More...