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gui_definition.hpp File Reference
#include "gui/auxiliary/tips.hpp"
#include "gui/core/window_builder.hpp"
#include "gui/core/widget_definition.hpp"
#include <map>
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class  gui2::gui_definition
 A GUI theme definition. More...
struct  gui2::window_builder_invalid_id
 Helper struct to signal that get_window_builder failed. More...


 Generic file dialog.


using gui2::gui_theme_map_t = std::map< std::string, gui_definition >


resolution_definition_ptr gui2::get_control (const std::string &control_type, const std::string &definition)
 Returns the appropriate config data for a widget instance fom the active GUI definition. More...
const builder_window::window_resolution & gui2::get_window_builder (const std::string &type)
 Returns an reference to the requested builder. More...
bool gui2::add_single_widget_definition (const std::string &widget_type, const std::string &definition_id, const config &cfg)
 Adds a widget definition to the default GUI. More...
void gui2::remove_single_widget_definition (const std::string &widget_type, const std::string &definition_id)
 Removes a widget definition from the default GUI. More...