The Battle for Wesnoth  1.17.0-dev
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1 /*
2 ** $Id: ltm.h $
3 ** Tag methods
4 ** See Copyright Notice in lua.h
5 */
7 #ifndef ltm_h
8 #define ltm_h
11 #include "lobject.h"
14 /*
15 * WARNING: if you change the order of this enumeration,
16 * grep "ORDER TM" and "ORDER OP"
17 */
18 typedef enum {
24  TM_EQ, /* last tag method with fast access */
44  TM_N /* number of elements in the enum */
45 } TMS;
48 /*
49 ** Mask with 1 in all fast-access methods. A 1 in any of these bits
50 ** in the flag of a (meta)table means the metatable does not have the
51 ** corresponding metamethod field. (Bit 7 of the flag is used for
52 ** 'isrealasize'.)
53 */
54 #define maskflags (~(~0u << (TM_EQ + 1)))
57 /*
58 ** Test whether there is no tagmethod.
59 ** (Because tagmethods use raw accesses, the result may be an "empty" nil.)
60 */
61 #define notm(tm) ttisnil(tm)
64 #define gfasttm(g,et,e) ((et) == NULL ? NULL : \
65  ((et)->flags & (1u<<(e))) ? NULL : luaT_gettm(et, e, (g)->tmname[e]))
67 #define fasttm(l,et,e) gfasttm(G(l), et, e)
69 #define ttypename(x) luaT_typenames_[(x) + 1]
71 LUAI_DDEC(const char *const luaT_typenames_[LUA_TOTALTYPES];)
74 LUAI_FUNC const char *luaT_objtypename (lua_State *L, const TValue *o);
76 LUAI_FUNC const TValue *luaT_gettm (Table *events, TMS event, TString *ename);
77 LUAI_FUNC const TValue *luaT_gettmbyobj (lua_State *L, const TValue *o,
78  TMS event);
79 LUAI_FUNC void luaT_init (lua_State *L);
81 LUAI_FUNC void luaT_callTM (lua_State *L, const TValue *f, const TValue *p1,
82  const TValue *p2, const TValue *p3);
83 LUAI_FUNC void luaT_callTMres (lua_State *L, const TValue *f,
84  const TValue *p1, const TValue *p2, StkId p3);
85 LUAI_FUNC void luaT_trybinTM (lua_State *L, const TValue *p1, const TValue *p2,
86  StkId res, TMS event);
88 LUAI_FUNC void luaT_trybinassocTM (lua_State *L, const TValue *p1,
89  const TValue *p2, int inv, StkId res, TMS event);
90 LUAI_FUNC void luaT_trybiniTM (lua_State *L, const TValue *p1, lua_Integer i2,
91  int inv, StkId res, TMS event);
92 LUAI_FUNC int luaT_callorderTM (lua_State *L, const TValue *p1,
93  const TValue *p2, TMS event);
94 LUAI_FUNC int luaT_callorderiTM (lua_State *L, const TValue *p1, int v2,
95  int inv, int isfloat, TMS event);
97 LUAI_FUNC void luaT_adjustvarargs (lua_State *L, int nfixparams,
98  struct CallInfo *ci, const Proto *p);
99 LUAI_FUNC void luaT_getvarargs (lua_State *L, struct CallInfo *ci,
100  StkId where, int wanted);
103 #endif
LUAI_FUNC void luaT_callTM(lua_State *L, const TValue *f, const TValue *p1, const TValue *p2, const TValue *p3)
Definition: ltm.cpp:103
Definition: ltm.h:41
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Definition: ltm.h:19
Definition: ltm.h:34
Definition: lobject.h:714
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Definition: ltm.h:37
Definition: ltm.h:21
Definition: lobject.h:530
#define LUAI_FUNC
Definition: luaconf.h:307
LUAI_FUNC int luaT_callorderiTM(lua_State *L, const TValue *p1, int v2, int inv, int isfloat, TMS event)
Definition: ltm.cpp:220
Definition: ltm.h:33
Definition: ltm.h:35
LUAI_FUNC void luaT_tryconcatTM(lua_State *L)
Definition: ltm.cpp:167
Definition: lobject.h:65
LUAI_FUNC void luaT_trybinassocTM(lua_State *L, const TValue *p1, const TValue *p2, int inv, StkId res, TMS event)
Definition: ltm.cpp:174
LUAI_FUNC void luaT_adjustvarargs(lua_State *L, int nfixparams, struct CallInfo *ci, const Proto *p)
Definition: ltm.cpp:237
Definition: ltm.h:42
LUAI_FUNC const TValue * luaT_gettm(Table *events, TMS event, TString *ename)
Definition: ltm.cpp:60
Definition: ltm.h:29
Definition: ltm.h:38
LUAI_FUNC void luaT_getvarargs(lua_State *L, struct CallInfo *ci, StkId where, int wanted)
Definition: ltm.cpp:257
LUAI_FUNC const char * luaT_objtypename(lua_State *L, const TValue *o)
Definition: ltm.cpp:91
LUA_INTEGER lua_Integer
Definition: lua.h:94
LUAI_FUNC int luaT_callorderTM(lua_State *L, const TValue *p1, const TValue *p2, TMS event)
Definition: ltm.cpp:200
LUAI_FUNC const TValue * luaT_gettmbyobj(lua_State *L, const TValue *o, TMS event)
Definition: ltm.cpp:71
Definition: ltm.h:25
LUAI_FUNC void luaT_init(lua_State *L)
Definition: ltm.cpp:38
Definition: ltm.h:44
LUAI_DDEF const char *const luaT_typenames_[LUA_TOTALTYPES]
Definition: ltm.cpp:30
Definition: ltm.h:39
Definition: ltm.h:22
Definition: ltm.h:31
Definition: ltm.h:23
mock_party p
Definition: ltm.h:36
Definition: ltm.h:32
LUAI_FUNC void luaT_callTMres(lua_State *L, const TValue *f, const TValue *p1, const TValue *p2, StkId p3)
Definition: ltm.cpp:119
Definition: ltm.h:26
Definition: ltm.h:27
Definition: ltm.h:24
Handling of system events.
Definition: manager.hpp:43
LUAI_FUNC void luaT_trybiniTM(lua_State *L, const TValue *p1, lua_Integer i2, int inv, StkId res, TMS event)
Definition: ltm.cpp:183
#define LUAI_DDEC(dec)
Definition: luaconf.h:310
Definition: ltm.h:18
#define f
Definition: ltm.h:40
LUAI_FUNC void luaT_trybinTM(lua_State *L, const TValue *p1, const TValue *p2, StkId res, TMS event)
Definition: ltm.cpp:148
Definition: lobject.h:31
Definition: ltm.h:30