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paths.hpp File Reference

Desktop paths, storage media and bookmark functions. More...

#include "tstring.hpp"
#include <iosfwd>
#include <vector>
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struct  desktop::path_info
struct  desktop::bookmark_info




enum  desktop::GAME_PATH_TYPES { desktop::GAME_BIN_DIR = 0x1, desktop::GAME_CORE_DATA_DIR = 0x2, desktop::GAME_USER_PREFS_DIR = 0x4, desktop::GAME_USER_DATA_DIR = 0x8 }
enum  desktop::SYSTEM_PATH_TYPES { desktop::SYSTEM_ALL_DRIVES = 0x1, desktop::SYSTEM_USER_PROFILE = 0x2, desktop::SYSTEM_ROOTFS = 0x4 }


std::string desktop::user_profile_dir ()
 Returns the path to the user profile dir (e.g. More...
std::ostream & desktop::operator<< (std::ostream &os, const path_info &pinf)
std::vector< path_info > desktop::game_paths (unsigned path_types=GAME_CORE_DATA_DIR|GAME_USER_DATA_DIR)
 Returns a list of game-related paths. More...
std::vector< path_info > desktop::system_paths (unsigned path_types=SYSTEM_ALL_DRIVES|SYSTEM_USER_PROFILE|SYSTEM_ROOTFS)
 Returns a list of system-defined paths. More...
unsigned desktop::add_user_bookmark (const std::string &label, const std::string &path)
void desktop::remove_user_bookmark (unsigned index)
std::vector< bookmark_info > desktop::user_bookmarks ()

Detailed Description

Desktop paths, storage media and bookmark functions.

Definition in file paths.hpp.