The Battle for Wesnoth  1.19.0+dev
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static_registry.cpp File Reference
#include "gui/core/static_registry.hpp"
#include "gui/core/log.hpp"
#include <map>
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include <tuple>
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 Generic file dialog.


std::set< std::string > & gui2::registered_window_types ()
 Returns the list of registered windows. More...
void gui2::register_window (const std::string &id)
 Registers a window. More...
std::map< std::string, registered_widget_parser > & gui2::registered_widget_types ()
 Returns the list of registered widgets and their parsers. More...
void gui2::register_widget (const std::string &type, widget_parser_t f, const char *key=nullptr)
 Registers a widget type. More...
std::map< std::string, widget_builder_func_t > & gui2::widget_builder_lookup ()
 Returns the list of registered widget builders. More...
void gui2::register_widget_builder (const std::string &type, widget_builder_func_t functor)
 Registers a widget builder. More...