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CallInfo Struct Reference

#include <lstate.h>

Public Attributes

StkId func
StkId top
struct CallInfoprevious
struct CallInfonext
union {
   struct {
      const Instruction *   savedpc
      volatile l_signalT   trap
      int   nextraargs
   }   l
   struct {
      lua_KFunction   k
      ptrdiff_t   old_errfunc
      lua_KContext   ctx
   }   c
union {
   int   funcidx
   int   nyield
   struct {
      unsigned short   ftransfer
      unsigned short   ntransfer
   }   transferinfo
short nresults
unsigned short callstatus

Detailed Description

Definition at line 160 of file lstate.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ c

struct { ... } CallInfo::c

◆ callstatus

unsigned short CallInfo::callstatus

◆ ctx

lua_KContext CallInfo::ctx

Definition at line 173 of file lstate.h.

◆ ftransfer

unsigned short CallInfo::ftransfer

Definition at line 180 of file lstate.h.

◆ func

StkId CallInfo::func

◆ funcidx

int CallInfo::funcidx

Definition at line 177 of file lstate.h.

Referenced by lua_pcallk(), and recover().

◆ k

lua_KFunction CallInfo::k

Definition at line 171 of file lstate.h.

◆ l

struct { ... } CallInfo::l

◆ next

struct CallInfo * CallInfo::next

Definition at line 163 of file lstate.h.

Referenced by luaE_extendCI(), luaE_freeCI(), luaE_shrinkCI(), luaG_findlocal(), and stack_init().

◆ nextraargs

int CallInfo::nextraargs

Definition at line 168 of file lstate.h.

◆ nresults

short CallInfo::nresults

◆ ntransfer

unsigned short CallInfo::ntransfer

Definition at line 181 of file lstate.h.

◆ nyield

int CallInfo::nyield

Definition at line 178 of file lstate.h.

Referenced by lua_resume(), and lua_yieldk().

◆ old_errfunc

ptrdiff_t CallInfo::old_errfunc

Definition at line 172 of file lstate.h.

◆ previous

struct CallInfo* CallInfo::previous

◆ savedpc

const Instruction* CallInfo::savedpc

Definition at line 166 of file lstate.h.

◆ top

StkId CallInfo::top

◆ transferinfo

struct { ... } CallInfo::transferinfo

Referenced by auxgetinfo(), and luaD_hook().

◆ trap

volatile l_signalT CallInfo::trap

Definition at line 167 of file lstate.h.

◆ u

union { ... } CallInfo::u

◆ u2

union { ... } CallInfo::u2

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