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action_wml.hpp File Reference

Define actions for the game's events mechanism. More...

#include "terrain/type_data.hpp"
#include <map>
#include <string>
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class  game_events::wml_action


 Domain specific events.


void game_events::change_terrain (const map_location &loc, const t_translation::terrain_code &t, terrain_type_data::merge_mode mode, bool replace_if_failed)
 Changes a terrain location. More...

Detailed Description

Define actions for the game's events mechanism.

Events might be units moving or fighting, or when victory or defeat occurs. A scenario's configuration file will define actions to take when certain events occur. This module is responsible for implementing some of those actions (i.e. Action WML). The actions not implemented in this module are implemented in Lua.

Definition in file action_wml.hpp.