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unit_animation::particle Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for unit_animation::particle:
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Public Types

enum  cycle_state { UNSET, CYCLE, NO_CYCLE }
- Public Types inherited from animated< unit_frame >
typedef std::pair< int,
typedef std::vector
< frame_description

Public Member Functions

 particle (int start_time=0, const frame_builder &builder=frame_builder())
 particle (const config &cfg, const std::string &frame_string="frame")
virtual ~particle ()
bool need_update () const
bool need_minimal_update () const
void override (int start_time, int duration, const cycle_state cycles, const std::string &highlight="", const std::string &blend_ratio="", color_t blend_color={0, 0, 0}, const std::string &offset="", const std::string &layer="", const std::string &modifiers="")
void redraw (const frame_parameters &value, const map_location &src, const map_location &dst, halo::manager &halo_man)
std::set< map_locationget_overlaped_hex (const frame_parameters &value, const map_location &src, const map_location &dst)
void start_animation (int start_time)
const frame_parameters parameters (const frame_parameters &default_val) const
void clear_halo ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from animated< unit_frame >
 animated (int start_time=0)
 animated (const std::vector< frame_description > &cfg, int start_time=0, bool force_change=false)
virtual ~animated ()
void add_frame (int duration, const unit_frame &value, bool force_change=false)
 Adds a frame to an animation. More...
void start_animation (int start_time, bool cycles=false)
 Starts an animation cycle. More...
void pause_animation ()
void restart_animation ()
int get_begin_time () const
int get_end_time () const
void set_begin_time (int new_begin_time)
int time_to_tick (int animation_time) const
int tick_to_time (int animation_tick) const
void update_last_draw_time (double acceleration=0)
bool need_update () const
bool cycles () const
bool animation_finished () const
 Returns true if the current animation was finished. More...
bool animation_finished_potential () const
int get_animation_time () const
int get_animation_time_potential () const
void set_animation_time (int time)
void set_max_animation_time (int time)
int get_animation_duration () const
const unit_frameget_current_frame () const
int get_current_frame_begin_time () const
int get_current_frame_end_time () const
int get_current_frame_duration () const
int get_current_frame_time () const
const unit_frameget_first_frame () const
const unit_frameget_frame (size_t n) const
const unit_frameget_last_frame () const
size_t get_frames_count () const
void force_change ()
bool does_not_change () const

Public Attributes

bool accelerate

Private Attributes

frame_parsed_parameters parameters_
halo::handle halo_id_
int last_frame_begin_time_
bool cycles_

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from animated< unit_frame >
static const unit_frame void_value_
- Protected Member Functions inherited from animated< unit_frame >
void remove_frames_until (int starting_time)
void set_end_time (int ending_time)
- Protected Attributes inherited from animated< unit_frame >
int starting_frame_time_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 128 of file animation.hpp.

Member Enumeration Documentation


Definition at line 144 of file animation.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

unit_animation::particle::particle ( int  start_time = 0,
const frame_builder builder = frame_builder() 

Definition at line 131 of file animation.hpp.

unit_animation::particle::particle ( const config cfg,
const std::string &  frame_string = "frame" 
unit_animation::particle::~particle ( )

Definition at line 1283 of file animation.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void unit_animation::particle::clear_halo ( )

Definition at line 1271 of file animation.cpp.

Referenced by unit_animation::clear_haloes().

std::set< map_location > unit_animation::particle::get_overlaped_hex ( const frame_parameters value,
const map_location src,
const map_location dst 
bool unit_animation::particle::need_minimal_update ( ) const
bool unit_animation::particle::need_update ( ) const

Definition at line 914 of file animation.cpp.

References unit_animation::need_update().

Referenced by unit_animation::need_update().

void unit_animation::particle::override ( int  start_time,
int  duration,
const cycle_state  cycles,
const std::string &  highlight = "",
const std::string &  blend_ratio = "",
color_t  blend_color = {0,0,0},
const std::string &  offset = "",
const std::string &  layer = "",
const std::string &  modifiers = "" 
const frame_parameters unit_animation::particle::parameters ( const frame_parameters default_val) const
void unit_animation::particle::redraw ( const frame_parameters value,
const map_location src,
const map_location dst,
halo::manager halo_man 
void unit_animation::particle::start_animation ( int  start_time)

Member Data Documentation

bool unit_animation::particle::accelerate
bool unit_animation::particle::cycles_

Definition at line 169 of file animation.hpp.

Referenced by override(), and particle().

halo::handle unit_animation::particle::halo_id_

Definition at line 167 of file animation.hpp.

int unit_animation::particle::last_frame_begin_time_

Definition at line 168 of file animation.hpp.

frame_parsed_parameters unit_animation::particle::parameters_

Definition at line 166 of file animation.hpp.

Referenced by override(), parameters(), and particle().

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