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utils::detail Namespace Reference


struct  contains_impl
 A struct that exists to implement a generic wrapper for std::find. More...
struct  contains_impl< Container, typename Container::key_type >
 A struct that exists to implement a generic wrapper for the find() member of associative containers. More...
struct  formula_initer
class  string_view_traits_eq


std::string evaluate_formula_impl (const std::string &)
template<class charT , class traits >
void sv_insert_fill_chars (std::basic_ostream< charT, traits > &os, std::size_t n)
template<class charT , class traits >
void sv_insert_aligned (std::basic_ostream< charT, traits > &os, const basic_string_view< charT, traits > &str)


struct utils::detail::formula_initer init
std::string(* evaluate_formula )(const std::string &formula) = nullptr

Function Documentation

◆ evaluate_formula_impl()

std::string utils::detail::evaluate_formula_impl ( const std::string &  formula)

◆ sv_insert_aligned()

template<class charT , class traits >
void utils::detail::sv_insert_aligned ( std::basic_ostream< charT, traits > &  os,
const basic_string_view< charT, traits > &  str 

◆ sv_insert_fill_chars()

template<class charT , class traits >
void utils::detail::sv_insert_fill_chars ( std::basic_ostream< charT, traits > &  os,
std::size_t  n 

Definition at line 564 of file string_view.hpp.

Referenced by sv_insert_aligned().

Variable Documentation

◆ evaluate_formula

std::string(* utils::detail::evaluate_formula)(const std::string &formula) = nullptr

◆ init

struct utils::detail::formula_initer utils::detail::init