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gui2::implementation::builder_horizontal_listbox Struct Reference

#include <listbox.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for gui2::implementation::builder_horizontal_listbox:
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Public Member Functions

 builder_horizontal_listbox (const config &cfg)
widgetbuild () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from gui2::implementation::builder_styled_widget
 builder_styled_widget (const config &cfg)
virtual widgetbuild (const replacements_map &replacements) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from gui2::builder_widget
 builder_widget (const config &cfg)
virtual ~builder_widget ()

Public Attributes

scrollbar_container::scrollbar_mode vertical_scrollbar_mode
scrollbar_container::scrollbar_mode horizontal_scrollbar_mode
builder_grid_ptr list_builder
std::vector< std::map
< std::string, string_map > > 
 Listbox data. More...
bool has_minimum_
bool has_maximum_
- Public Attributes inherited from gui2::implementation::builder_styled_widget
std::string definition
 Parameters for the styled_widget. More...
t_string label_string
t_string tooltip
t_string help
bool use_tooltip_on_label_overflow
bool use_markup
- Public Attributes inherited from gui2::builder_widget
std::string id
 Parameters for the widget. More...
std::string linked_group
int debug_border_mode
color_t debug_border_color

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from gui2::builder_widget
typedef std::map< std::string,
< builder_widget > > 
 The replacements type is used to define replacement types. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 443 of file listbox.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gui2::implementation::builder_horizontal_listbox::builder_horizontal_listbox ( const config cfg)

Member Function Documentation

widget * gui2::implementation::builder_horizontal_listbox::build ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

bool gui2::implementation::builder_horizontal_listbox::has_maximum_

Definition at line 464 of file listbox.hpp.

Referenced by build().

bool gui2::implementation::builder_horizontal_listbox::has_minimum_

Definition at line 464 of file listbox.hpp.

Referenced by build().

scrollbar_container::scrollbar_mode gui2::implementation::builder_horizontal_listbox::horizontal_scrollbar_mode

Definition at line 452 of file listbox.hpp.

Referenced by build().

builder_grid_ptr gui2::implementation::builder_horizontal_listbox::list_builder

Definition at line 454 of file listbox.hpp.

Referenced by build(), and builder_horizontal_listbox().

std::vector<std::map<std::string, string_map> > gui2::implementation::builder_horizontal_listbox::list_data

Listbox data.

Contains a vector with the data to set in every cell, it's used to serialize the data in the config, so the config is no longer required.

Definition at line 462 of file listbox.hpp.

Referenced by build(), and builder_horizontal_listbox().

scrollbar_container::scrollbar_mode gui2::implementation::builder_horizontal_listbox::vertical_scrollbar_mode

Definition at line 451 of file listbox.hpp.

Referenced by build().

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