The Battle for Wesnoth  1.17.23+dev
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candidates.hpp File Reference

Defines formula ai candidate actions - headers. More...

#include <set>
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class  wfl::base_candidate_action
class  wfl::candidate_action_with_filters
class  wfl::move_candidate_action
class  wfl::attack_candidate_action


 A small explanation about what's going on here: Each action has access to two game_info objects First is 'info' - real information Second is 'subjective info' - AIs perception of what's going on So, when we check_before action, we use 'subjective info' and don't touch real 'info' at all.


typedef std::map< std::string, const_formula_ptr > wfl::candidate_action_filters
typedef std::shared_ptr< base_candidate_action > wfl::candidate_action_ptr

Detailed Description

Defines formula ai candidate actions - headers.

Definition in file candidates.hpp.