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command_executor.hpp File Reference
#include "hotkey_command.hpp"
#include "game_end_exceptions.hpp"
#include <SDL2/SDL_events.h>
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struct  hotkey::ui_command
 Used as the main paramneter for can_execute_command/do_execute_command These functions are used to execute hotkeys but also to execute menu items, (Most menu items point to the same action as a hotkey but not all) More...
class  hotkey::command_executor
struct  hotkey::command_executor::queued_command
class  hotkey::command_executor_default


 Keyboard shortcuts for game actions.


enum  hotkey::ACTION_STATE {
  hotkey::ACTION_STATELESS , hotkey::ACTION_ON , hotkey::ACTION_OFF , hotkey::ACTION_SELECTED ,


void hotkey::jbutton_event (const SDL_Event &event, command_executor *executor)
void hotkey::jhat_event (const SDL_Event &event, command_executor *executor)
void hotkey::key_event (const SDL_Event &event, command_executor *executor)
void hotkey::keyup_event (const SDL_Event &, command_executor *executor)
void hotkey::mbutton_event (const SDL_Event &event, command_executor *executor)
void hotkey::run_events (command_executor *executor)