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lua_widget_methods.hpp File Reference
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int intf_show_dialog (lua_State *L)
 Displays a window. More...
int lua_widget::luaW_open (lua_State *L)

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◆ intf_show_dialog()

int intf_show_dialog ( lua_State *  L)

Displays a window.

  • Arg 1: WML table describing the window.
  • Arg 2: function called at pre-show.
  • Arg 3: function called at post-show.
  • Ret 1: integer.

Definition at line 54 of file lua_widget_methods.cpp.

References gui2::build(), luaW_checkconfig(), luaW_clearwindowtable(), luaW_pushwidget(), ON_SCOPE_EXIT, gui2::open_window_stack, and gui2::remove_from_window_stack().

Referenced by lua_gui2::luaW_open().