The Battle for Wesnoth  1.17.17+dev
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map_settings.cpp File Reference

General settings and defaults for scenarios. More...

#include "lexical_cast.hpp"
#include "map_settings.hpp"
#include "serialization/string_utils.hpp"
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 Contains the general settings which have a default.


int settings::get_turns (const std::string &value)
 Gets the number of turns. More...
int settings::get_village_gold (const std::string &value, const game_classification *classification=nullptr)
 Gets the village gold. More...
int settings::get_village_support (const std::string &value)
 Gets the village unit level support. More...
int settings::get_xp_modifier (const std::string &value)
 Gets the xp modifier. More...

Detailed Description

General settings and defaults for scenarios.

Definition in file map_settings.cpp.