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scrollbar_container_private.hpp File Reference

Helper for header for the scrollbar_container. More...

#include "gui/widgets/scrollbar_container.hpp"
#include "utils/const_clone.hpp"
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struct  gui2::scrollbar_container_implementation
 Helper to implement private functions without modifying the header. More...


 Generic file dialog.

Detailed Description

Helper for header for the scrollbar_container.

This file should only be included by scrollbar_container.cpp.

This file is being used for a small experiment in which some private functions of scrollbar_container are no longer in scrollbar_container but moved in a friend class with static functions. The goal is to have less header recompilations, when there's a need to add or remove a private function. Also non-trivial functions like 'const foo& bar() const' and 'foo& bar()' are wrapped in a template to avoid code duplication (for typing not for the binary) to make maintenance easier.

Definition in file scrollbar_container_private.hpp.