The Battle for Wesnoth  1.19.0-dev
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settings.cpp File Reference
#include "gui/widgets/settings.hpp"
#include "display.hpp"
#include "video.hpp"
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 Generic file dialog.
 This namespace contains the 'global' settings.


void gui2::settings::update_screen_size_variables ()
 Update the size of the screen variables in settings. More...


bool gui2::new_widgets = false
 Do we wish to use the new library or not. More...
unsigned gui2::settings::screen_width = 0
 The screen resolution and pixel pitch should be available for all widgets since their drawing method might depend on it. More...
unsigned gui2::settings::screen_height = 0
const unsigned gui2::settings::screen_pitch_microns = 265
 screen_pitch_microns is deprecated. More...
unsigned gui2::settings::gamemap_x_offset = 0
 The offset between the left edge of the screen and the gamemap. More...
unsigned gui2::settings::gamemap_width = 0
 The size of the map area, if not available equal to the screen size. More...
unsigned gui2::settings::gamemap_height = 0
unsigned gui2::settings::popup_show_delay = 0
 These are copied from the active gui. More...
unsigned gui2::settings::popup_show_time = 0
unsigned gui2::settings::help_show_time = 0
unsigned gui2::settings::double_click_time = 0
unsigned gui2::settings::repeat_button_repeat_time = 0
std::string gui2::settings::sound_button_click = ""
std::string gui2::settings::sound_toggle_button_click = ""
std::string gui2::settings::sound_toggle_panel_click = ""
std::string gui2::settings::sound_slider_adjust = ""
t_string gui2::settings::has_helptip_message
std::vector< game_tip > gui2::settings::tips