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variable_info_private.hpp File Reference
#include "game_config.hpp"
#include <stdexcept>
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class  variable_info_implementation::info_visitor_base< R, P >
 Visitor base class. More...
class  variable_info_implementation::get_variable_key_visitor< V >
 Adds a '. More...
class  variable_info_implementation::get_variable_index_visitor< V >
 Appends an [index] to the variable. More...
class  variable_info_implementation::as_scalar_visitor< V >
 Tries to convert it to an (maybe const) attribute value. More...
class  variable_info_implementation::as_container_visitor< V >
 Tries to convert to a [const] config&. More...
class  variable_info_implementation::as_array_visitor< V >
 This currently isn't implemented as a range-based operation because doing it on something like range 2-5 on vi_policy_const if child_ has only 4 elements would be too hard to implement. More...
class  variable_info_implementation::as_range_visitor_base< V, THandler, T >
class  variable_info_implementation::clear_value_visitor< V >
class  variable_info_implementation::exists_as_container_visitor< V >
class  variable_info_implementation::replace_range_h
 Replaces the child in [startindex, endindex) with 'source' 'insert' and 'append' are subcases of this. More...
class  variable_info_implementation::insert_range_h
class  variable_info_implementation::append_range_h
class  variable_info_implementation::merge_range_h




#define DEFAULTHANDLER(name)


template<typename V , typename TResult >
using variable_info_implementation::info_visitor = info_visitor_base< TResult, variable_info_state< V > >
template<typename V , typename TResult >
using variable_info_implementation::info_visitor_const = info_visitor_base< TResult, const variable_info_state< V > >


template<typename TConfig >
auto variable_info_implementation::get_child_range (TConfig &cfg, const std::string &key, int start, int count) -> decltype(cfg.child_range(key))
void variable_info_implementation::resolve_negative_value (int size, int &val)
int variable_info_implementation::parse_index (const char *index_str)
 Parses a ']' terminated string. More...


const config variable_info_implementation::non_empty_const_cfg ("_")

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#define DEFAULTHANDLER (   name)
result_t name(param_t) const \
{ \

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