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gui2::dialogs::tip Namespace Reference


static tooltiptip ()
void show (CVideo &video, const std::string &window_id, const t_string &message, const point &mouse, const SDL_Rect &source_rect)
 Shows a tip. More...
void remove ()
 Removes a tip. More...

Function Documentation

void gui2::dialogs::tip::remove ( )
void gui2::dialogs::tip::show ( CVideo video,
const std::string &  window_id,
const t_string message,
const point &  mouse,
const SDL_Rect &  source_rect 

Shows a tip.

The tip is a tooltip or a helptip. One type of tip is shown at the same time, opening a second tip closes the first.

videoThe video which contains the surface to draw upon.
window_idThe id of the window used to show the tip.
messageThe message to show in the tip.
mouseThe position of the mouse.

Definition at line 153 of file tooltip.cpp.

References ERR_CFG, gui2::dialogs::tooltip::set_message(), gui2::dialogs::tooltip::set_mouse(), gui2::dialogs::tooltip::set_source_rect(), gui2::dialogs::tooltip::set_window_id(), gui2::dialogs::modeless_dialog::show(), t, and tip().

Referenced by mp::lobby_info::apply_game_filter(), unit_creator::post_create(), actions::recall_unit(), actions::recruit_unit(), gui2::generator< minimum_selection, maximum_selection, my_placement, select_action >::set_item_shown(), gui2::window::signal_handler_message_show_helptip(), gui2::window::signal_handler_message_show_tooltip(), and SYNCED_COMMAND_HANDLER_FUNCTION().

static tooltip& gui2::dialogs::tip::tip ( )