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application_lua_kernel Class Reference

#include <application_lua_kernel.hpp>

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class  thread

Public Types

typedef std::vector< std::function< bool(void)> > request_list
- Public Types inherited from lua_kernel_base
using external_log_type = std::function< void(const std::string &)>
typedef std::function< void(char const *, char const *)> error_handler

Public Member Functions

 application_lua_kernel ()
virtual std::string my_name ()
 User-visible name of the lua kernel that they are talking to. More...
threadload_script_from_string (const std::string &)
threadload_script_from_file (const std::string &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from lua_kernel_base
 lua_kernel_base ()
virtual ~lua_kernel_base ()
void run_lua_tag (const config &cfg)
 Runs a [lua] tag. More...
void run (char const *prog, const std::string &name, int nArgs=0)
 Runs a plain script. More...
void throwing_run (char const *prog, const std::string &name, int nArgs, bool in_interpreter=false)
 Runs a plain script, but reports errors by throwing lua_error. More...
void interactive_run (char const *prog)
 Tests if a program resolves to an expression, and pretty prints it if it is, otherwise it runs it normally. More...
void load_package ()
 Loads the package library into lua environment. More...
void load_core ()
 Loads the "core" library into the Lua environment. More...
std::vector< std::string > get_global_var_names ()
 Get tab completion strings. More...
std::vector< std::string > get_attribute_names (const std::string &var_path)
 Gets all attribute names of an extended variable name. More...
const std::stringstream & get_log ()
 Access / manipulate logging of lua kernel activities. More...
void add_log (const char *str)
void clear_log ()
void set_external_log (external_log_type lg)
virtual void log_error (char const *msg, char const *context="Lua error")
 Error reporting mechanisms, used by virtual methods protected_call and load_string. More...
virtual void throw_exception (char const *msg, char const *context="Lua error")
virtual uint32_t get_random_seed ()
lua_State * get_state ()
void add_widget_definition (const std::string &type, const std::string &id)
void add_log_to_console (const std::string &msg)
int intf_show_lua_console (lua_State *L)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from lua_kernel_base
template<typename T >
static T & get_lua_kernel (lua_State *L)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from lua_kernel_base
int intf_print (lua_State *L)
 Replacement print function – instead of printing to std::cout, print to the command log. More...
bool protected_call (int nArgs, int nRets, error_handler)
bool load_string (char const *prog, const std::string &name, error_handler)
virtual bool protected_call (int nArgs, int nRets)
virtual bool load_string (char const *prog, const std::string &name)
int intf_dofile (lua_State *L)
 Loads and executes a Lua file. More...
int intf_require (lua_State *L)
 Loads and executes a Lua file, if there is no corresponding entry in wesnoth.package. More...
int intf_kernel_type (lua_State *L)
virtual int impl_game_config_get (lua_State *L)
virtual int impl_game_config_set (lua_State *L)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from lua_kernel_base
static bool protected_call (lua_State *L, int nArgs, int nRets, error_handler)
- Protected Attributes inherited from lua_kernel_base
lua_State * mState
command_log cmd_log_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file application_lua_kernel.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ request_list

typedef std::vector<std::function<bool(void)> > application_lua_kernel::request_list

Definition at line 33 of file application_lua_kernel.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ application_lua_kernel()

application_lua_kernel::application_lua_kernel ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ load_script_from_file()

application_lua_kernel::thread * application_lua_kernel::load_script_from_file ( const std::string &  file)

◆ load_script_from_string()

application_lua_kernel::thread * application_lua_kernel::load_script_from_string ( const std::string &  prog)

◆ my_name()

virtual std::string application_lua_kernel::my_name ( )

User-visible name of the lua kernel that they are talking to.

Reimplemented from lua_kernel_base.

Definition at line 31 of file application_lua_kernel.hpp.

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