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unicode_cast.hpp File Reference
#include "log.hpp"
#include "ucs4_convert_impl.hpp"
#include <iterator>
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struct  ucs4_convert_impl::iteratorwriter< oitor_t >
 Transforms an output iterator to a writer for ucs4_convert_impl functions. More...
struct  ucs4_convert_impl::enableif< Tret, Tcheck >




template<typename TD , typename TS >
ucs4_convert_impl::enableif< TD, typename TS::value_type >::type unicode_cast (const TS &source)
template<typename TD >
TD unicode_cast (char32_t onechar)

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template<typename TD , typename TS >
ucs4_convert_impl::enableif<TD, typename TS::value_type>::type unicode_cast ( const TS &  source)

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template<typename TD >
TD unicode_cast ( char32_t  onechar)
Template Parameters
TDOutput, a collection type.
An instance of TD.

Definition at line 93 of file unicode_cast.hpp.

References PLAIN_LOG, and write().