The Battle for Wesnoth  1.17.17+dev
wesnothd_connection_error.hpp File Reference
#include "exceptions.hpp"
#include "lua_jailbreak_exception.hpp"
#include <boost/system/error_code.hpp>
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struct  wesnothd_error
 An error occurred during when trying to communicate with the wesnothd server. More...
struct  wesnothd_rejected_client_error
 Error used when the client is rejected by the MP server. More...
struct  ingame_wesnothd_error
 We received invalid data from wesnothd during a game This means we cannot continue with the game but we can stay connected to wesnothd and start a new game. More...
struct  leavegame_wesnothd_error
struct  wesnothd_connection_error
 An error occurred inside the underlying network communication code (boost asio) TODO: find a short name. More...