The Battle for Wesnoth  1.15.3+dev
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1 /*
2  Copyright (C) 2003 - 2018 by David White <>
3  Part of the Battle for Wesnoth Project
5  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
6  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
7  the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
8  (at your option) any later version.
9  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
12  See the COPYING file for more details.
13 */
15 #pragma once
17 #include "map/location.hpp"
18 #include "tstring.hpp"
19 #include "config.hpp"
20 #include <string>
21 #include <vector>
22 #include <cassert>
24 #include <boost/iterator/indirect_iterator.hpp>
25 #include <boost/range/iterator_range.hpp>
26 #include <boost/dynamic_bitset_fwd.hpp>
28 #include "units/ptr.hpp" // for attack_ptr
30 class unit_ability_list;
31 class unit_type;
33 //the 'attack type' is the type of attack, how many times it strikes,
34 //and how much damage it does.
35 class attack_type : public std::enable_shared_from_this<attack_type>
36 {
37 public:
39  explicit attack_type(const config& cfg);
40  const t_string& name() const { return description_; }
41  const std::string& id() const { return id_; }
42  const std::string& type() const { return type_; }
43  const std::string& icon() const { return icon_; }
44  const std::string& range() const { return range_; }
45  int min_range() const { return min_range_; }
46  int max_range() const { return max_range_; }
47  std::string accuracy_parry_description() const;
48  int accuracy() const { return accuracy_; }
49  int parry() const { return parry_; }
50  int damage() const { return damage_; }
51  int num_attacks() const { return num_attacks_; }
52  double attack_weight() const { return attack_weight_; }
53  double defense_weight() const { return defense_weight_; }
54  const config &specials() const { return specials_; }
56  void set_name(const t_string& value) { description_ = value; set_changed(true); }
57  void set_id(const std::string& value) { id_ = value; set_changed(true); }
58  void set_type(const std::string& value) { type_ = value; set_changed(true); }
59  void set_icon(const std::string& value) { icon_ = value; set_changed(true); }
60  void set_range(const std::string& value) { range_ = value; set_changed(true); }
61  void set_accuracy(int value) { accuracy_ = value; set_changed(true); }
62  void set_parry(int value) { parry_ = value; set_changed(true); }
63  void set_damage(int value) { damage_ = value; set_changed(true); }
64  void set_num_attacks(int value) { num_attacks_ = value; set_changed(true); }
65  void set_attack_weight(double value) { attack_weight_ = value; set_changed(true); }
66  void set_defense_weight(double value) { defense_weight_ = value; set_changed(true); }
67  void set_specials(config value) { specials_ = value; set_changed(true); }
70  // In unit_abilities.cpp:
72  /// @return True iff the special @a special is active.
73  /// @param simple_check If true, check whether the unit has the special. Else, check whether the special is currently active.
74  /// @param special_id If true, match @a special against the @c id of special tags.
75  /// @param special_tags If true, match @a special against the tag name of special tags.
76  bool get_special_bool(const std::string& special, bool simple_check=false, bool special_id=true, bool special_tags=true) const;
77  unit_ability_list get_specials(const std::string& special) const;
78  std::vector<std::pair<t_string, t_string>> special_tooltips(boost::dynamic_bitset<>* active_list = nullptr) const;
79  std::string weapon_specials(bool only_active=false, bool is_backstab=false) const;
81  /// Calculates the number of attacks this weapon has, considering specials.
82  void modified_attacks(bool is_backstab, unsigned & min_attacks,
83  unsigned & max_attacks) const;
84  /// Returns the damage per attack of this weapon, considering specials.
85  int modified_damage(bool is_backstab) const;
86  /// Returns list for weapon like abilitiesfor each ability type.
87  unit_ability_list list_ability(const std::string& ability) const;
88  /// Returns list who contains list_ability and get_specials list for each ability type
89  unit_ability_list get_special_ability(const std::string& ability) const;
90  ///return an boolean value for abilities like poison slow firstrike or petrifies
91  bool bool_ability(const std::string& ability) const;
93  // In unit_types.cpp:
95  bool matches_filter(const config& filter) const;
96  bool apply_modification(const config& cfg);
97  bool describe_modification(const config& cfg,std::string* description);
99  int movement_used() const { return movement_used_; }
100  void set_movement_used(int value) { movement_used_ = value; }
102  void write(config& cfg) const;
103  inline config to_config() const { config c; write(c); return c; }
105 private:
106  // In unit_abilities.cpp:
108  // Configured as a bit field, in case that is useful.
110  bool special_active(const config& special, AFFECTS whom, const std::string& tag_name,
111  bool include_backstab=true) const;
113  // Used via specials_context() to control which specials are
114  // considered active.
115  friend class specials_context_t;
119  mutable bool is_attacker_;
121  mutable bool is_for_listing_ = false;
122 public:
124  std::shared_ptr<const attack_type> parent;
125  friend class attack_type;
126  /// Initialize weapon specials context for listing
127  explicit specials_context_t(const attack_type& weapon, bool attacking);
128  /// Initialize weapon specials context for a unit type
129  specials_context_t(const attack_type& weapon, const unit_type& self_type, const map_location& loc, bool attacking = true);
130  /// Initialize weapon specials context for a single unit
131  specials_context_t(const attack_type& weapon, const_attack_ptr other_weapon,
132  unit_const_ptr self, unit_const_ptr other,
133  const map_location& self_loc, const map_location& other_loc,
134  bool attacking);
135  /// Initialize weapon specials context for a pair of units
136  specials_context_t(const attack_type& weapon, unit_const_ptr self, const map_location& loc, bool attacking);
137  specials_context_t(const specials_context_t&) = delete;
138  bool was_moved = false;
139  public:
140  // Destructor at least needs to be public for all this to work.
143  };
144  // Set up a specials context.
145  // Usage: auto ctx = weapon.specials_context(...);
147  const map_location& unit_loc, const map_location& other_loc,
148  bool attacking, const_attack_ptr other_attack) const {
149  return specials_context_t(*this, other_attack, self, other, unit_loc, other_loc, attacking);
150  }
151  specials_context_t specials_context(unit_const_ptr self, const map_location& loc, bool attacking = true) const {
152  return specials_context_t(*this, self, loc, attacking);
153  }
154  specials_context_t specials_context(const unit_type& self_type, const map_location& loc, bool attacking = true) const {
155  return specials_context_t(*this, self_type, loc, attacking);
156  }
157  specials_context_t specials_context_for_listing(bool attacking = true) const {
158  return specials_context_t(*this, attacking);
159  }
160  void set_changed(bool value)
161  {
162  changed_ = value;
163  }
164  bool get_changed() const
165  {
166  return changed_;
167  }
168 private:
171  std::string id_;
172  std::string type_;
173  std::string icon_;
174  std::string range_;
176  int damage_;
183  int parry_;
185  bool changed_;
186 };
188 using attack_list = std::vector<attack_ptr>;
189 using attack_itors = boost::iterator_range<boost::indirect_iterator<attack_list::iterator>>;
190 using const_attack_itors = boost::iterator_range<boost::indirect_iterator<attack_list::const_iterator>>;
193  return boost::make_iterator_range(boost::make_indirect_iterator(atks.begin()), boost::make_indirect_iterator(atks.end()));
194 }
197  return boost::make_iterator_range(boost::make_indirect_iterator(atks.begin()), boost::make_indirect_iterator(atks.end()));
198 }
std::vector< attack_ptr > attack_list
boost::intrusive_ptr< const unit > unit_const_ptr
Definition: ptr.hpp:30
bool apply_modification(const config &cfg)
Modifies *this using the specifications in cfg, but only if *this matches cfg viewed as a filter...
std::string weapon_specials(bool only_active=false, bool is_backstab=false) const
Returns a comma-separated string of active names for the specials of *this.
Definition: abilities.cpp:812
std::string icon_
const std::string & id() const
Definition: attack_type.hpp:41
std::string type_
attack_type(const config &cfg)
Definition: attack_type.cpp:46
boost::iterator_range< boost::indirect_iterator< attack_list::iterator > > attack_itors
int max_range() const
Definition: attack_type.hpp:46
map_location other_loc_
void set_num_attacks(int value)
Definition: attack_type.hpp:64
unit_ability_list list_ability(const std::string &ability) const
Returns list for weapon like abilitiesfor each ability type.
Definition: abilities.cpp:1179
int parry() const
Definition: attack_type.hpp:49
void modified_attacks(bool is_backstab, unsigned &min_attacks, unsigned &max_attacks) const
Calculates the number of attacks this weapon has, considering specials.
Definition: abilities.cpp:935
unit_ability_list get_special_ability(const std::string &ability) const
Returns list who contains list_ability and get_specials list for each ability type.
Definition: abilities.cpp:1214
unit_const_ptr other_
const std::string & type() const
Definition: attack_type.hpp:42
attack_itors make_attack_itors(attack_list &atks)
Definitions for the interface to Wesnoth Markup Language (WML).
void set_changed(bool value)
int num_attacks() const
Definition: attack_type.hpp:51
A single unit type that the player may recruit.
Definition: types.hpp:42
double defense_weight_
void set_name(const t_string &value)
Definition: attack_type.hpp:56
int min_range() const
Definition: attack_type.hpp:45
bool bool_ability(const std::string &ability) const
return an boolean value for abilities like poison slow firstrike or petrifies
Definition: abilities.cpp:1221
int movement_used() const
Definition: attack_type.hpp:99
specials_context_t(const attack_type &weapon, bool attacking)
Initialize weapon specials context for listing.
Definition: abilities.cpp:903
double attack_weight_
bool matches_filter(const config &filter) const
Returns whether or not *this matches the given filter.
const t_string & name() const
Definition: attack_type.hpp:40
std::string range_
specials_context_t specials_context(const unit_type &self_type, const map_location &loc, bool attacking=true) const
const std::string & range() const
Definition: attack_type.hpp:44
std::vector< std::pair< t_string, t_string > > special_tooltips(boost::dynamic_bitset<> *active_list=nullptr) const
Returns a vector of names and descriptions for the specials of *this.
Definition: abilities.cpp:776
const std::string & icon() const
Definition: attack_type.hpp:43
bool get_changed() const
config specials_
unit_ability_list get_specials(const std::string &special) const
Returns the currently active specials as an ability list, given the current context (see set_specials...
Definition: abilities.cpp:743
void set_defense_weight(double value)
Definition: attack_type.hpp:66
void set_specials(config value)
Definition: attack_type.hpp:67
t_string description_
Encapsulates the map of the game.
Definition: location.hpp:42
specials_context_t specials_context(unit_const_ptr self, const map_location &loc, bool attacking=true) const
bool special_active(const config &special, AFFECTS whom, const std::string &tag_name, bool include_backstab=true) const
Returns whether or not the given special is active for the specified unit, based on the current conte...
Definition: abilities.cpp:1242
void set_damage(int value)
Definition: attack_type.hpp:63
bool is_for_listing_
int damage() const
Definition: attack_type.hpp:50
int accuracy() const
Definition: attack_type.hpp:48
const config & specials() const
Definition: attack_type.hpp:54
double attack_weight() const
Definition: attack_type.hpp:52
void write(config &cfg) const
std::string accuracy_parry_description() const
Definition: attack_type.cpp:79
unit_const_ptr self_
int modified_damage(bool is_backstab) const
Returns the damage per attack of this weapon, considering specials.
Definition: abilities.cpp:962
double defense_weight() const
Definition: attack_type.hpp:53
bool describe_modification(const config &cfg, std::string *description)
Trimmed down version of apply_modification(), with no modifications actually made.
void set_range(const std::string &value)
Definition: attack_type.hpp:60
void set_parry(int value)
Definition: attack_type.hpp:62
std::string id_
const_attack_ptr other_attack_
void set_icon(const std::string &value)
Definition: attack_type.hpp:59
void set_id(const std::string &value)
Definition: attack_type.hpp:57
specials_context_t specials_context_for_listing(bool attacking=true) const
bool get_special_bool(const std::string &special, bool simple_check=false, bool special_id=true, bool special_tags=true) const
Returns whether or not *this has a special with a tag or id equal to special.
Definition: abilities.cpp:671
config to_config() const
specials_context_t specials_context(unit_const_ptr self, unit_const_ptr other, const map_location &unit_loc, const map_location &other_loc, bool attacking, const_attack_ptr other_attack) const
boost::iterator_range< boost::indirect_iterator< attack_list::const_iterator > > const_attack_itors
void set_movement_used(int value)
std::shared_ptr< const attack_type > parent
A config object defines a single node in a WML file, with access to child nodes.
Definition: config.hpp:68
mock_char c
std::shared_ptr< const attack_type > const_attack_ptr
Definition: ptr.hpp:37
void set_accuracy(int value)
Definition: attack_type.hpp:61
map_location self_loc_
void set_attack_weight(double value)
Definition: attack_type.hpp:65
void set_type(const std::string &value)
Definition: attack_type.hpp:58