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playmp_controller::hotkey_handler Class Reference

#include <hotkey_handler_mp.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for playmp_controller::hotkey_handler:

Public Member Functions

 hotkey_handler (playmp_controller &, saved_game &)
 ~hotkey_handler ()
virtual void whisper () override
virtual void shout () override
virtual void start_network () override
virtual void stop_network () override
virtual bool can_execute_command (const hotkey::ui_command &command) const override
 Check if a command can be executed. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from playsingle_controller::hotkey_handler
 hotkey_handler (playsingle_controller &, saved_game &)
 ~hotkey_handler ()
virtual void recruit () override
virtual void repeat_recruit () override
virtual void recall () override
virtual void toggle_shroud_updates () override
virtual void update_shroud_now () override
virtual void end_turn () override
virtual void rename_unit () override
virtual void create_unit () override
virtual void change_side () override
virtual void select_teleport () override
virtual void kill_unit () override
virtual void label_terrain (bool) override
virtual void clear_labels () override
virtual void label_settings () override
virtual void continue_move () override
virtual void unit_hold_position () override
virtual void end_unit_turn () override
virtual void user_command () override
virtual void custom_command () override
virtual void ai_formula () override
virtual void clear_messages () override
virtual void whiteboard_toggle () override
virtual void whiteboard_execute_action () override
virtual void whiteboard_execute_all_actions () override
virtual void whiteboard_delete_action () override
virtual void whiteboard_bump_up_action () override
virtual void whiteboard_bump_down_action () override
virtual void whiteboard_suppose_dead () override
replay_controllerget_replay_controller ()
virtual void stop_replay () override
virtual void play_replay () override
virtual void replay_next_turn () override
virtual void replay_next_side () override
virtual void replay_next_move () override
virtual void replay_show_everything () override
virtual void replay_show_each () override
virtual void replay_show_team1 () override
virtual void reset_replay () override
virtual void replay_exit () override
virtual void load_autosave (const std::string &filename, bool start_replay=false) override
virtual hotkey::ACTION_STATE get_action_state (const hotkey::ui_command &) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from play_controller::hotkey_handler
 hotkey_handler (play_controller &, saved_game &)
 ~hotkey_handler ()
virtual void objectives () override
virtual void show_statistics () override
virtual void unit_list () override
virtual void left_mouse_click () override
virtual void move_action () override
virtual void select_and_action () override
virtual void touch_hex () override
virtual void select_hex () override
virtual void deselect_hex () override
virtual void right_mouse_click () override
virtual void status_table () override
virtual void save_game () override
virtual void save_replay () override
virtual void save_map () override
virtual void load_game () override
virtual void preferences () override
virtual void speak () override
virtual void show_chat_log () override
virtual void show_help () override
virtual void cycle_units () override
virtual void cycle_back_units () override
virtual void undo () override
virtual void redo () override
virtual void show_enemy_moves (bool ignore_units) override
virtual void goto_leader () override
virtual void unit_description () override
virtual void terrain_description () override
virtual void toggle_ellipses () override
virtual void toggle_grid () override
virtual void search () override
virtual void toggle_accelerated_speed () override
virtual void scroll_up (bool on) override
virtual void scroll_down (bool on) override
virtual void scroll_left (bool on) override
virtual void scroll_right (bool on) override
virtual void replay_skip_animation () override
virtual std::string get_action_image (const hotkey::ui_command &) const override
virtual bool do_execute_command (const hotkey::ui_command &command, bool press=true, bool release=false) override
void show_menu (const std::vector< config > &items_arg, int xloc, int yloc, bool context_menu, display &disp) override
bool in_context_menu (const hotkey::ui_command &cmd) const
 Determines whether the command should be in the context menu or not. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from hotkey::command_executor_default
void set_button_state ()
void recalculate_minimap ()
void lua_console ()
void zoom_in ()
void zoom_out ()
void zoom_default ()
void map_screenshot ()
void quit_to_main_menu ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from hotkey::command_executor
virtual void change_language ()
virtual void surrender_quit_game ()
std::string get_menu_image (display &disp, const std::string &command, int index=-1) const
void get_menu_images (display &, std::vector< config > &items)
void surrender_game ()
void execute_action (const std::vector< std::string > &items_arg, int xloc, int yloc, bool context_menu, display &gui)
void queue_command (const SDL_Event &event, int index=-1)
bool run_queued_commands ()
void execute_quit_command ()
void handle_keyup ()

Protected Attributes

- Protected Attributes inherited from playsingle_controller::hotkey_handler
std::shared_ptr< wb::managerwhiteboard_manager_
- Protected Attributes inherited from play_controller::hotkey_handler
 References to parent object / constituents. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from play_controller::hotkey_handler
static const std::string wml_menu_hotkey_prefix = "wml_menu:"
- Protected Member Functions inherited from playsingle_controller::hotkey_handler
bool is_observer () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from play_controller::hotkey_handler
displayget_display () override
game_displaygui () const
game_stategamestate ()
const game_stategamestate () const
bool browse () const
bool linger () const
const teamviewing_team () const
bool viewing_team_is_playing () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from hotkey::command_executor
virtual ~command_executor ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file hotkey_handler_mp.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ hotkey_handler()

playmp_controller::hotkey_handler::hotkey_handler ( playmp_controller pc,
saved_game sg 

Definition at line 22 of file hotkey_handler_mp.cpp.

◆ ~hotkey_handler()

playmp_controller::hotkey_handler::~hotkey_handler ( )

Definition at line 27 of file hotkey_handler_mp.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ can_execute_command()

bool playmp_controller::hotkey_handler::can_execute_command ( const hotkey::ui_command command) const

◆ shout()

void playmp_controller::hotkey_handler::shout ( )

Reimplemented from hotkey::command_executor.

Definition at line 33 of file hotkey_handler_mp.cpp.

References play_controller::menu_handler_, and events::menu_handler::shout().

◆ start_network()

void playmp_controller::hotkey_handler::start_network ( )

Reimplemented from hotkey::command_executor.

Definition at line 37 of file hotkey_handler_mp.cpp.

◆ stop_network()

void playmp_controller::hotkey_handler::stop_network ( )

Reimplemented from hotkey::command_executor.

Definition at line 41 of file hotkey_handler_mp.cpp.

◆ whisper()

void playmp_controller::hotkey_handler::whisper ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ playmp_controller_

playmp_controller& playmp_controller::hotkey_handler::playmp_controller_

Definition at line 30 of file hotkey_handler_mp.hpp.

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