The Battle for Wesnoth  1.19.0-dev
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1 /*
2  Copyright (C) 2008 - 2024
3  by Jörg Hinrichs <>
4  Part of the Battle for Wesnoth Project
6  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
7  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
8  the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
9  (at your option) any later version.
10  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
13  See the COPYING file for more details.
14 */
16 #pragma once
18 #include "gettext.hpp"
22 #include "save_index.hpp"
23 #include "savegame.hpp"
25 #include <SDL2/SDL_keycode.h>
27 namespace gui2
28 {
29 class text_box_base;
31 namespace dialogs
32 {
33 /**
34  * @ingroup GUIWindowDefinitionWML
35  *
36  * This shows the dialog to select and load a savegame file.
37  * Key |Type |Mandatory|Description
38  * ------------------|--------------|---------|-----------
39  * txtFilter | text |yes |The filter for the listbox items.
40  * savegame_list | @ref listbox |yes |List of savegames.
41  * filename | control |yes |Name of the savegame.
42  * date | control |no |Date the savegame was created.
43  * preview_pane | widget |yes |Container widget or grid that contains the items for a preview. The visible status of this container depends on whether or not something is selected.
44  * minimap | @ref minimap |yes |Minimap of the selected savegame.
45  * imgLeader | @ref image |yes |The image of the leader in the selected savegame.
46  * lblScenario | @ref label |yes |The name of the scenario of the selected savegame.
47  * lblSummary | @ref label |yes |Summary of the selected savegame.
48  */
49 class game_load : public modal_dialog
50 {
51 public:
54  static bool execute(const game_config_view& cache_config, savegame::load_game_metadata& data);
56 private:
57  virtual void pre_show(window& window) override;
59  virtual const std::string& window_id() const override;
61  void set_save_dir_list(menu_button& dir_list);
63  /** Update (both internally and visually) the list of games. */
64  void populate_game_list();
66  void filter_text_changed(const std::string& text);
69  void handle_dir_select();
71  /** Part of display_savegame that might throw a config::error if the savegame data is corrupt. */
73  void display_savegame();
74  void evaluate_summary_string(std::stringstream& str, const config& cfg_summary);
76  void key_press_callback(const SDL_Keycode key);
78  std::string& filename_;
79  std::shared_ptr<savegame::save_index_class>& save_index_manager_;
87  std::vector<savegame::save_info> games_;
90  std::vector<std::string> last_words_;
91 };
92 } // namespace dialogs
93 } // namespace gui2
A config object defines a single node in a WML file, with access to child nodes.
Definition: config.hpp:159
A class grating read only view to a vector of config objects, viewed as one config with all children ...
This shows the dialog to select and load a savegame file.
Definition: game_load.hpp:50
std::vector< std::string > last_words_
Definition: game_load.hpp:90
void display_savegame_internal(const savegame::save_info &game)
Part of display_savegame that might throw a config::error if the savegame data is corrupt.
Definition: game_load.cpp:183
field_bool * show_replay_
Definition: game_load.hpp:82
game_load(const game_config_view &cache_config, savegame::load_game_metadata &data)
Definition: game_load.cpp:83
void key_press_callback(const SDL_Keycode key)
Definition: game_load.cpp:507
void evaluate_summary_string(std::stringstream &str, const config &cfg_summary)
Definition: game_load.cpp:353
void set_save_dir_list(menu_button &dir_list)
Definition: game_load.cpp:134
field_bool * cancel_orders_
Definition: game_load.hpp:83
const game_config_view & cache_config_
Definition: game_load.hpp:88
static bool execute(const game_config_view &cache_config, savegame::load_game_metadata &data)
Definition: game_load.cpp:62
virtual void pre_show(window &window) override
Actions to be taken before showing the window.
Definition: game_load.cpp:97
std::shared_ptr< savegame::save_index_class > & save_index_manager_
Definition: game_load.hpp:79
std::string & filename_
Definition: game_load.hpp:78
std::vector< savegame::save_info > games_
Definition: game_load.hpp:87
void populate_game_list()
Update (both internally and visually) the list of games.
Definition: game_load.cpp:157
void filter_text_changed(const std::string &text)
Definition: game_load.cpp:315
virtual const std::string & window_id() const override
The ID of the window to build.
field_bool * change_difficulty_
Definition: game_load.hpp:81
Abstract base class for all modal dialogs.
Specialized field class for boolean.
Definition: field.hpp:489
A menu_button is a styled_widget to choose an element from a list of elements.
Definition: menu_button.hpp:59
base class of top level items, the only item which needs to store the final canvases to draw on.
Definition: window.hpp:67
Filename and modification date for a file list.
Definition: save_index.hpp:27
Various uncategorised dialogs.
Generic file dialog.
std::string_view data
Definition: picture.cpp:199