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lua_race.hpp File Reference
#include <string>
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 This namespace contains bindings for lua to hold a pointer to a race, and to access and modify it.


std::string lua_race::register_metatable (lua_State *L)
void luaW_pushrace (lua_State *, const unit_race &)
void luaW_pushracetable (lua_State *)
const unit_raceluaW_checkrace (lua_State *, int)

Function Documentation

◆ luaW_checkrace()

const unit_race& luaW_checkrace ( lua_State *  L,
int  idx 

Definition at line 141 of file lua_race.cpp.

References unit_type_data::find_race(), and unit_types.

Referenced by impl_race_get(), and impl_race_tostring().

◆ luaW_pushrace()

void luaW_pushrace ( lua_State *  L,
const unit_race race 

Definition at line 120 of file lua_race.cpp.

References unit_race::id(), and Race.

Referenced by luaW_pushracetable().

◆ luaW_pushracetable()

void luaW_pushracetable ( lua_State *  L)

Definition at line 128 of file lua_race.cpp.

References luaW_pushrace(), unit_type_data::races(), and unit_types.

Referenced by game_lua_kernel::initialize().