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editor::editor_team_info Struct Reference

#include <map_context.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 editor_team_info (const team &t)

Public Attributes

int side
std::string id
std::string name
std::string recruit_list
int gold
int income
int village_income
int village_support
bool fog
bool shroud
team_shared_vision::type share_vision
side_controller::type controller
bool no_leader
bool hidden

Detailed Description

Definition at line 36 of file map_context.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ editor_team_info()

editor::editor_team_info::editor_team_info ( const team t)

Definition at line 39 of file map_context.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ controller

side_controller::type editor::editor_team_info::controller

Definition at line 50 of file map_context.hpp.

◆ fog

bool editor::editor_team_info::fog

Definition at line 47 of file map_context.hpp.

◆ gold

int editor::editor_team_info::gold

Definition at line 43 of file map_context.hpp.

◆ hidden

bool editor::editor_team_info::hidden

Definition at line 52 of file map_context.hpp.

◆ id

std::string editor::editor_team_info::id

Definition at line 40 of file map_context.hpp.

◆ income

int editor::editor_team_info::income

Definition at line 44 of file map_context.hpp.

◆ name

std::string editor::editor_team_info::name

Definition at line 41 of file map_context.hpp.

◆ no_leader

bool editor::editor_team_info::no_leader

Definition at line 51 of file map_context.hpp.

◆ recruit_list

std::string editor::editor_team_info::recruit_list

Definition at line 42 of file map_context.hpp.

◆ share_vision

team_shared_vision::type editor::editor_team_info::share_vision

Definition at line 49 of file map_context.hpp.

◆ shroud

bool editor::editor_team_info::shroud

Definition at line 48 of file map_context.hpp.

◆ side

int editor::editor_team_info::side

Definition at line 39 of file map_context.hpp.

◆ village_income

int editor::editor_team_info::village_income

Definition at line 45 of file map_context.hpp.

◆ village_support

int editor::editor_team_info::village_support

Definition at line 46 of file map_context.hpp.

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