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savegame::autosave_savegame Class Reference

Class for autosaves. More...

#include <savegame.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 autosave_savegame (saved_game &gamestate, const compression::format compress_saves)
void autosave (const bool disable_autosave, const int autosave_max, const int infinite_autosaves)
- Public Member Functions inherited from savegame::ingame_savegame
 ingame_savegame (saved_game &gamestate, const compression::format compress_saves)
- Public Member Functions inherited from savegame::savegame
virtual ~savegame ()
bool save_game_automatic (bool ask_for_overwrite=false, const std::string &filename="")
 Saves a game without user interaction, unless the file exists and it should be asked to overwrite it. More...
bool save_game_interactive (const std::string &message, DIALOG_TYPE dialog_type)
 Save a game interactively through the savegame dialog. More...
const std::string & filename () const
std::string create_filename () const
 Build the filename according to the specific savegame's needs. More...
std::string create_filename (unsigned int turn_number) const
 Build the filename for the specified turn. More...

Private Member Functions

virtual std::string create_initial_filename (unsigned int turn_number) const override
 Create a filename for automatic saves. More...

Additional Inherited Members

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- Protected Member Functions inherited from savegame::savegame
 savegame (saved_game &gamestate, const compression::format compress_saves, const std::string &title="Save")
 The only constructor of savegame. More...
bool save_game (const std::string &filename="")
 Save a game without any further user interaction. More...
bool check_filename (const std::string &filename)
 Check, if the filename contains illegal constructs like ".gz". More...
void set_error_message (const std::string &error_message)
 Customize the standard error message. More...
const std::string & title () const
const saved_gamegamestate () const
void before_save ()
 If there needs to be some data fiddling before saving the game, this is the place to go. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from savegame::savegame
std::string filename_
 Filename of the savegame file on disk. More...
std::string title_
 Title of the savegame dialog. More...
std::shared_ptr< save_index_classsave_index_manager_
 Will (at the time of writing) be save_index_class::default_saves_dir(). More...

Detailed Description

Class for autosaves.

Definition at line 280 of file savegame.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ autosave_savegame()

savegame::autosave_savegame::autosave_savegame ( saved_game gamestate,
const compression::format  compress_saves 

Definition at line 593 of file savegame.cpp.

References _(), and savegame::savegame::set_error_message().

Member Function Documentation

◆ autosave()

void savegame::autosave_savegame::autosave ( const bool  disable_autosave,
const int  autosave_max,
const int  infinite_autosaves 

◆ create_initial_filename()

std::string savegame::autosave_savegame::create_initial_filename ( unsigned int  turn_number) const

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