The Battle for Wesnoth  1.19.1+dev
make.hpp File Reference
#include "units/race.hpp"
#include "units/ptr.hpp"
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unit_ptr make_unit_ptr (const config &cfg, bool use_traits=false, const vconfig *vcfg=nullptr)
unit_ptr make_unit_ptr (const unit_type &t, int side, bool real_unit, unit_race::GENDER gender=unit_race::NUM_GENDERS)
unit_ptr make_unit_ptr (const unit &u)

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unit_ptr make_unit_ptr ( const config cfg,
bool  use_traits = false,
const vconfig vcfg = nullptr 

Definition at line 19 of file make.cpp.

References unit::create().

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unit_ptr make_unit_ptr ( const unit u)

Definition at line 27 of file make.cpp.

References unit::clone().

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unit_ptr make_unit_ptr ( const unit_type t,
int  side,
bool  real_unit,
unit_race::GENDER  gender = unit_race::NUM_GENDERS 

Definition at line 23 of file make.cpp.

References unit::create(), and t.