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editor::unit_palette Class Reference

Palette where the terrain to be drawn can be selected. More...

#include <unit_palette.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for editor::unit_palette:

Public Member Functions

 unit_palette (editor_display &gui, const game_config_view &cfg, editor_toolkit &toolkit)
virtual void setup (const game_config_view &cfg)
 Setup the internal data structure. More...
virtual std::string get_help_string ()
bool supports_swap ()
const std::set< std::string > & get_selected_bg_items ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from editor::editor_palette< const unit_type & >
 editor_palette (editor_display &gui, const game_config_view &, int item_size, std::size_t columns, editor_toolkit &toolkit)
virtual sdl_handler_vector handler_members () override
void set_start_item (std::size_t index) override
std::size_t start_num (void) override
void expand_palette_groups_menu (std::vector< config > &items, int i) override
 Menu expanding for palette group list. More...
void set_group (std::size_t index) override
const std::vector< item_group > & get_groups () const override
virtual void layout () override
 Called by draw_manager to validate layout before drawing. More...
virtual void draw_contents () override
 Called by widget::draw() More...
void next_group () override
void prev_group () override
void adjust_size (const SDL_Rect &target) override
 Update the size of this widget. More...
virtual bool scroll_up () override
 Scroll the editor-palette up one step if possible. More...
virtual bool can_scroll_up () override
virtual bool scroll_down () override
 Scroll the editor-palette down one step if possible. More...
virtual bool can_scroll_down () override
void swap () override
const const unit_type & & selected_fg_item () const
 Return the currently selected foreground/background item. More...
const const unit_type & & selected_bg_item () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from editor::tristate_palette
 tristate_palette ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from editor::common_palette
 common_palette ()
virtual ~common_palette ()
virtual std::vector< std::string > action_pressed () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from gui::widget
const rectlocation () const
virtual void set_location (const SDL_Rect &rect)
void set_location (int x, int y)
void set_width (int w)
void set_height (int h)
void set_measurements (int w, int h)
int width () const
int height () const
bool focus (const SDL_Event *event)
void set_focus (bool focus)
bool hidden () const
virtual void enable (bool new_val=true)
bool enabled () const
void set_clip_rect (const SDL_Rect &rect)
void queue_redraw ()
 Indicate that the widget should be redrawn. More...
void queue_redraw (const rect &)
 Indicate that a specific region of the screen should be redrawn. More...
void set_dirty (bool dirty=true)
bool dirty () const
const std::string & id () const
void set_id (const std::string &id)
void set_tooltip_string (const std::string &str)
virtual void process_tooltip_string (int mousex, int mousey) override
virtual bool expose (const rect &region) override
 Called by draw_manager when it believes a redraw is necessary. More...
virtual rect screen_location () override
 The current draw location of the display, on the screen. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from events::sdl_handler
virtual void handle_window_event (const SDL_Event &)
virtual void process_event ()
virtual bool requires_event_focus (const SDL_Event *=nullptr) const
virtual void join ()
virtual void join (context &c)
virtual void join_same (sdl_handler *parent)
virtual void leave ()
virtual void join_global ()
virtual void leave_global ()
virtual bool has_joined ()
virtual bool has_joined_global ()
sdl_handleroperator= (sdl_handler &&)=delete
 Moving would require two instances' context membership to be handled, it's simpler to delete these and require the two instances to be separately constructed / destructed. More...
 sdl_handler (sdl_handler &&)=delete
- Public Member Functions inherited from gui2::top_level_drawable
virtual void update ()
 Update state and any parameters that may effect layout, or any of the later stages. More...
virtual void render ()
 Perform any internal rendering necessary to prepare the drawable. More...

Private Member Functions

virtual const std::string & get_id (const unit_type &terrain)
virtual void setup_item (const unit_type &item, texture &item_base_image, texture &item_overlay_image, std::stringstream &tooltip)
virtual bool is_selected_bg_item (const std::string &id)
virtual void select_bg_item (const std::string &item_id)

Private Attributes

std::set< std::string > selected_bg_items_

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from editor::editor_palette< const unit_type & >
typedef std::map< std::string, const unit_type & > item_map
- Protected Member Functions inherited from editor::editor_palette< const unit_type & >
virtual void set_group (const std::string &id)
 Sets a group active id. More...
const std::vector< std::string > & active_group ()
virtual void select_fg_item (const std::string &item_id) override
 Select a foreground item. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from gui::widget
 widget (const bool auto_join=true)
virtual ~widget ()
virtual void update_location (const SDL_Rect &)
virtual void handle_event (const SDL_Event &) override
bool mouse_locked () const
void aquire_mouse_lock ()
void free_mouse_lock ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from events::sdl_handler
 sdl_handler (const bool auto_join=true)
 sdl_handler (const sdl_handler &)
sdl_handleroperator= (const sdl_handler &)
virtual ~sdl_handler ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from gui2::top_level_drawable
 top_level_drawable ()
virtual ~top_level_drawable ()
 top_level_drawable (const top_level_drawable &)
top_level_drawableoperator= (const top_level_drawable &)
 top_level_drawable (top_level_drawable &&)
top_level_drawableoperator= (top_level_drawable &&)
- Protected Attributes inherited from editor::editor_palette< const unit_type & >
std::vector< item_groupgroups_
 The editor_groups as defined in editor-groups.cfg. More...
int item_size_
 Both the width and the height of the square buttons. More...
int item_space_
 item_size_ plus some padding. More...
std::size_t columns_
 Number of items per row. More...
std::map< std::string, std::vector< std::string > > group_map_
item_map item_map_
std::size_t items_start_
 Index of the item at the top-left of the visible area, used for scrolling up and down. More...
std::set< std::string > non_core_items_
- Protected Attributes inherited from gui::widget
bool focus_

Detailed Description

Palette where the terrain to be drawn can be selected.

Definition at line 33 of file unit_palette.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ unit_palette()

editor::unit_palette::unit_palette ( editor_display gui,
const game_config_view cfg,
editor_toolkit toolkit 

Definition at line 96 of file unit_palette.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_help_string()

std::string editor::unit_palette::get_help_string ( )

◆ get_id()

const std::string & editor::unit_palette::get_id ( const unit_type terrain)

Definition at line 104 of file unit_palette.cpp.

References unit_type::id().

◆ get_selected_bg_items()

const std::set<std::string>& editor::unit_palette::get_selected_bg_items ( )

Definition at line 46 of file unit_palette.hpp.

References selected_bg_items_.

◆ is_selected_bg_item()

bool editor::unit_palette::is_selected_bg_item ( const std::string &  id)

Reimplemented from editor::editor_palette< const unit_type & >.

Definition at line 109 of file unit_palette.cpp.

References selected_bg_items_.

◆ select_bg_item()

void editor::unit_palette::select_bg_item ( const std::string &  item_id)

Reimplemented from editor::editor_palette< const unit_type & >.

Definition at line 114 of file unit_palette.cpp.

References selected_bg_items_, and gui::widget::set_dirty().

Referenced by setup().

◆ setup()

void editor::unit_palette::setup ( const game_config_view cfg)

◆ setup_item()

void editor::unit_palette::setup_item ( const unit_type item,
texture item_base_image,
texture item_overlay_image,
std::stringstream &  tooltip 

◆ supports_swap()

bool editor::unit_palette::supports_swap ( )

Reimplemented from editor::common_palette.

Definition at line 44 of file unit_palette.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ selected_bg_items_

std::set<std::string> editor::unit_palette::selected_bg_items_

Definition at line 63 of file unit_palette.hpp.

Referenced by get_selected_bg_items(), is_selected_bg_item(), and select_bg_item().

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