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loading_screen.cpp File Reference

Screen with logo and loading status info during program-startup. More...

#include "gui/dialogs/loading_screen.hpp"
#include "cursor.hpp"
#include "draw_manager.hpp"
#include "gettext.hpp"
#include "gui/auxiliary/find_widget.hpp"
#include "gui/widgets/drawing.hpp"
#include "gui/widgets/label.hpp"
#include "gui/widgets/window.hpp"
#include "log.hpp"
#include "video.hpp"
#include <functional>
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 Generic file dialog.


#define GETTEXT_DOMAIN   "wesnoth-lib"
#define LOG_LS   LOG_STREAM(info, log_loadscreen)
#define ERR_LS   LOG_STREAM(err, log_loadscreen)
#define WRN_LS   LOG_STREAM(warn, log_loadscreen)
#define DBG_DP   LOG_STREAM(debug, log_display)


static lg::log_domain log_loadscreen ("loadscreen")
static lg::log_domain log_display ("display")
static const std::map< loading_stage, std::string > stage_names

Detailed Description

Screen with logo and loading status info during program-startup.

Definition in file loading_screen.cpp.

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#define DBG_DP   LOG_STREAM(debug, log_display)

Definition at line 42 of file loading_screen.cpp.


#define ERR_LS   LOG_STREAM(err, log_loadscreen)

Definition at line 38 of file loading_screen.cpp.


#define GETTEXT_DOMAIN   "wesnoth-lib"

Definition at line 20 of file loading_screen.cpp.


#define LOG_LS   LOG_STREAM(info, log_loadscreen)

Definition at line 37 of file loading_screen.cpp.


#define WRN_LS   LOG_STREAM(warn, log_loadscreen)

Definition at line 39 of file loading_screen.cpp.

Variable Documentation

◆ log_display

lg::log_domain log_display("display") ( "display"  )

◆ log_loadscreen

lg::log_domain log_loadscreen("loadscreen") ( "loadscreen"  )

◆ stage_names

const std::map<loading_stage, std::string> stage_names
Initial value:
{ loading_stage::build_terrain, N_("Building terrain rules") },
{ loading_stage::create_cache, N_("Reading files and creating cache") },
{ loading_stage::init_display, N_("Initializing display") },
{ loading_stage::init_fonts, N_("Reinitialize fonts for the current language") },
{ loading_stage::init_teams, N_("Initializing teams") },
{ loading_stage::init_theme, N_("Initializing display") },
{ loading_stage::load_config, N_("Loading game configuration") },
{ loading_stage::load_data, N_("Loading data files") },
{ loading_stage::load_level, N_("Loading level") },
{ loading_stage::init_lua, N_("Initializing scripting engine") },
{ loading_stage::init_whiteboard, N_("Initializing planning mode") },
{ loading_stage::load_unit_types, N_("Reading unit files") },
{ loading_stage::load_units, N_("Loading units") },
{ loading_stage::refresh_addons, N_("Searching for installed add-ons") },
{ loading_stage::start_game, N_("Starting game") },
{ loading_stage::verify_cache, N_("Verifying cache") },
{ loading_stage::connect_to_server, N_("Connecting to server") },
{ loading_stage::login_response, N_("Logging in") },
{ loading_stage::waiting, N_("Waiting for server") },
{ loading_stage::redirect, N_("Connecting to redirected server") },
{ loading_stage::next_scenario, N_("Waiting for next scenario") },
{ loading_stage::download_level_data, N_("Getting game data") },
{ loading_stage::download_lobby_data, N_("Downloading lobby data") },
#define N_(String)
Definition: gettext.hpp:101

Definition at line 44 of file loading_screen.cpp.

Referenced by gui2::dialogs::loading_screen::loading_screen().