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ai::ai_default_rca::aspect_attacks_base Class Referenceabstract

#include <aspect_attacks.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for ai::ai_default_rca::aspect_attacks_base:

Public Member Functions

 aspect_attacks_base (readonly_context &context, const config &cfg, const std::string &id)
virtual ~aspect_attacks_base ()
virtual void recalculate () const
virtual bool is_allowed_attacker (const unit &u) const =0
virtual bool is_allowed_enemy (const unit &u) const =0
- Public Member Functions inherited from ai::typesafe_aspect< attacks_vector >
 typesafe_aspect (readonly_context &context, const config &cfg, const std::string &id)
virtual ~typesafe_aspect ()
virtual const attacks_vectorget () const
virtual const wfl::variantget_variant () const
virtual std::shared_ptr< wfl::variantget_variant_ptr () const
void get_lua (lua_State *L) const
virtual std::shared_ptr< attacks_vectorget_ptr () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ai::aspect
 aspect (readonly_context &context, const config &cfg, const std::string &id)
virtual ~aspect ()
void invalidate () const
virtual void on_create ()
virtual bool redeploy (const config &cfg, const std::string &id)
virtual config to_config () const
virtual bool delete_all_facets ()
void handle_generic_event (const std::string &)
virtual bool active () const
virtual std::string get_name () const
virtual std::string get_id () const
virtual std::string get_engine () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ai::readonly_context_proxy
 readonly_context_proxy ()
virtual ~readonly_context_proxy ()
void init_readonly_context_proxy (readonly_context &target)
virtual readonly_contextget_readonly_context () override
virtual void on_readonly_context_create () override
virtual const teamcurrent_team () const override
virtual void diagnostic (const std::string &msg) override
virtual void log_message (const std::string &msg) override
virtual attack_result_ptr check_attack_action (const map_location &attacker_loc, const map_location &defender_loc, int attacker_weapon) override
virtual move_result_ptr check_move_action (const map_location &from, const map_location &to, bool remove_movement=true, bool unreach_is_ok=false) override
virtual recall_result_ptr check_recall_action (const std::string &id, const map_location &where=map_location::null_location(), const map_location &from=map_location::null_location()) override
virtual recruit_result_ptr check_recruit_action (const std::string &unit_name, const map_location &where=map_location::null_location(), const map_location &from=map_location::null_location()) override
virtual stopunit_result_ptr check_stopunit_action (const map_location &unit_location, bool remove_movement=true, bool remove_attacks=false) override
virtual synced_command_result_ptr check_synced_command_action (const std::string &lua_code, const map_location &location=map_location::null_location()) override
virtual void calculate_possible_moves (std::map< map_location, pathfind::paths > &possible_moves, move_map &srcdst, move_map &dstsrc, bool enemy, bool assume_full_movement=false, const terrain_filter *remove_destinations=nullptr) const override
virtual void calculate_moves (const unit_map &units, std::map< map_location, pathfind::paths > &possible_moves, move_map &srcdst, move_map &dstsrc, bool enemy, bool assume_full_movement=false, const terrain_filter *remove_destinations=nullptr, bool see_all=false) const override
virtual const game_infoget_info () const override
virtual void raise_user_interact () const override
virtual int get_recursion_count () const override
 Get the value of the recursion counter. More...
const defensive_positionbest_defensive_position (const map_location &unit, const move_map &dstsrc, const move_map &srcdst, const move_map &enemy_dstsrc) const override
virtual std::map< map_location, defensive_position > & defensive_position_cache () const override
virtual const unit_advancements_aspectget_advancements () const override
virtual double get_aggression () const override
virtual bool get_allow_ally_villages () const override
virtual const aspect_mapget_aspects () const override
virtual aspect_mapget_aspects () override
virtual void add_aspects (std::vector< aspect_ptr > &aspects) override
virtual void add_facet (const std::string &id, const config &cfg) const override
virtual const attacks_vectorget_attacks () const override
virtual const wfl::variantget_attacks_as_variant () const override
virtual const terrain_filterget_avoid () const override
virtual double get_caution () const override
virtual const move_mapget_dstsrc () const override
virtual const move_mapget_enemy_dstsrc () const override
virtual const moves_mapget_enemy_possible_moves () const override
virtual const move_mapget_enemy_srcdst () const override
virtual engine_ptr get_engine_by_cfg (const config &cfg) override
 get engine by cfg, creating it if it is not created yet but known More...
virtual const std::vector< engine_ptr > & get_engines () const override
virtual std::vector< engine_ptr > & get_engines () override
virtual std::string get_grouping () const override
virtual const std::vector< goal_ptr > & get_goals () const override
virtual std::vector< goal_ptr > & get_goals () override
virtual double get_leader_aggression () const override
virtual config get_leader_goal () const override
virtual std::variant< bool, std::vector< std::string > > get_leader_ignores_keep () const override
virtual double get_leader_value () const override
virtual std::variant< bool, std::vector< std::string > > get_passive_leader () const override
virtual std::variant< bool, std::vector< std::string > > get_passive_leader_shares_keep () const override
virtual const moves_mapget_possible_moves () const override
virtual double power_projection (const map_location &loc, const move_map &dstsrc) const override
 Function which finds how much 'power' a side can attack a certain location with. More...
virtual double get_recruitment_diversity () const override
virtual const config get_recruitment_instructions () const override
virtual const std::vector< std::string > get_recruitment_more () const override
virtual const std::vector< std::string > get_recruitment_pattern () const override
virtual int get_recruitment_randomness () const override
virtual const config get_recruitment_save_gold () const override
virtual const move_mapget_srcdst () const override
virtual double get_retreat_enemy_weight () const override
virtual double get_retreat_factor () const override
virtual double get_scout_village_targeting () const override
virtual bool get_simple_targeting () const override
virtual bool get_support_villages () const override
virtual double get_village_value () const override
virtual int get_villages_per_scout () const override
virtual bool is_active (const std::string &time_of_day, const std::string &turns) const override
virtual bool is_keep_ignoring_leader (const std::string &id) const override
virtual bool is_passive_leader (const std::string &id) const override
virtual bool is_passive_keep_sharing_leader (const std::string &id) const override
virtual bool is_dst_src_valid_lua () const override
virtual bool is_dst_src_enemy_valid_lua () const override
virtual bool is_src_dst_valid_lua () const override
virtual bool is_src_dst_enemy_valid_lua () const override
virtual void invalidate_defensive_position_cache () const override
virtual void invalidate_move_maps () const override
virtual void invalidate_keeps_cache () const override
virtual const std::set< map_location > & keeps () const override
virtual bool leader_can_reach_keep () const override
virtual const map_locationnearest_keep (const map_location &loc) const override
virtual void recalculate_move_maps () const override
virtual void recalculate_move_maps_enemy () const override
virtual void set_dst_src_valid_lua () override
virtual void set_dst_src_enemy_valid_lua () override
virtual void set_src_dst_valid_lua () override
virtual void set_src_dst_enemy_valid_lua () override
virtual const map_locationsuitable_keep (const map_location &leader_location, const pathfind::paths &leader_paths) const override
 get most suitable keep for leader - nearest free that can be reached in 1 turn, if none - return nearest occupied that can be reached in 1 turn, if none - return nearest keep, if none - return null_location More...
virtual config to_readonly_context_config () const override
 serialize to config More...
virtual unit_stats_cache_tunit_stats_cache () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from ai::readonly_context
 readonly_context ()
virtual ~readonly_context ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ai::side_context
virtual ~side_context ()
 empty destructor More...
 side_context ()
 empty constructor More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ai::side_context_proxy
 side_context_proxy ()
virtual ~side_context_proxy ()
void init_side_context_proxy (side_context &target)
virtual side_number get_side () const override
 Get the side number. More...
virtual void set_side (side_number side) override
 Set the side number. More...
virtual side_contextget_side_context () override
 unwrap More...
virtual config to_side_context_config () const override
 serialize this context to config More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from events::observer
virtual ~observer ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ai::component
 component ()
virtual ~component ()
virtual componentget_child (const path_element &child)
virtual std::vector< component * > get_children (const std::string &type)
virtual std::vector< std::string > get_children_types ()
virtual bool change_child (const path_element &child, const config &cfg)
virtual bool add_child (const path_element &child, const config &cfg)
virtual bool delete_child (const path_element &child)
property_handler_mapproperty_handlers ()

Protected Member Functions

std::shared_ptr< attacks_vectoranalyze_targets () const
void do_attack_analysis (const map_location &loc, const move_map &srcdst, const move_map &dstsrc, const move_map &fullmove_srcdst, const move_map &fullmove_dstsrc, const move_map &enemy_srcdst, const move_map &enemy_dstsrc, const std::array< map_location, 6 > &tiles, std::array< bool, 6 > &used_locations, std::vector< map_location > &units, std::vector< attack_analysis > &result, attack_analysis &cur_analysis, const team &current_team) const

Static Protected Member Functions

static int rate_terrain (const unit &u, const map_location &loc)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from ai::readonly_context
typedef std::map< std::pair< map_location, const unit_type * >, std::pair< battle_context_unit_stats, battle_context_unit_stats > > unit_stats_cache_t
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ai::aspect
static lg::log_domainlog ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from ai::typesafe_aspect< attacks_vector >
std::shared_ptr< attacks_vectorvalue_
std::shared_ptr< wfl::variantvalue_variant_
std::shared_ptr< lua_object< attacks_vector > > value_lua_
- Protected Attributes inherited from ai::aspect
std::string time_of_day_
std::string turns_
bool valid_
bool valid_variant_
bool valid_lua_
config cfg_
bool invalidate_on_turn_start_
bool invalidate_on_tod_change_
bool invalidate_on_gamestate_change_
std::string engine_
std::string name_
std::string id_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 30 of file aspect_attacks.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ aspect_attacks_base()

ai::ai_default_rca::aspect_attacks_base::aspect_attacks_base ( readonly_context context,
const config cfg,
const std::string &  id 

Definition at line 45 of file aspect_attacks.cpp.

◆ ~aspect_attacks_base()

virtual ai::ai_default_rca::aspect_attacks_base::~aspect_attacks_base ( )

Definition at line 34 of file aspect_attacks.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ analyze_targets()

std::shared_ptr< attacks_vector > ai::ai_default_rca::aspect_attacks_base::analyze_targets ( ) const

◆ do_attack_analysis()

void ai::ai_default_rca::aspect_attacks_base::do_attack_analysis ( const map_location loc,
const move_map srcdst,
const move_map dstsrc,
const move_map fullmove_srcdst,
const move_map fullmove_dstsrc,
const move_map enemy_srcdst,
const move_map enemy_dstsrc,
const std::array< map_location, 6 > &  tiles,
std::array< bool, 6 > &  used_locations,
std::vector< map_location > &  units,
std::vector< attack_analysis > &  result,
attack_analysis cur_analysis,
const team current_team 
) const

◆ is_allowed_attacker()

virtual bool ai::ai_default_rca::aspect_attacks_base::is_allowed_attacker ( const unit u) const
pure virtual

◆ is_allowed_enemy()

virtual bool ai::ai_default_rca::aspect_attacks_base::is_allowed_enemy ( const unit u) const
pure virtual

◆ rate_terrain()

int ai::ai_default_rca::aspect_attacks_base::rate_terrain ( const unit u,
const map_location loc 

◆ recalculate()

void ai::ai_default_rca::aspect_attacks_base::recalculate ( ) const

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