The Battle for Wesnoth  1.19.0+dev
Class Hierarchy

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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Cabstract_validatorUsed in parsing config file
 CachievementRepresents a single achievement and its data
 Cachievement_groupA set of achievements tied to a particular content
 CachievementsThis class is responsible for reading all available achievements from mainline's and any add-ons' achievements.cfg files for use in achievements_dialog
 Caddon_tracking_infoStores additional status information about add-ons
 Caddons_clientAdd-ons (campaignd) client class
 Cadvance_unit_paramsAdvances the unit at loc if it has enough experience, maximum 20 times
 Canimated< T >
 Canimated< image::locator >
 Canimated< unit_frame >
 Cdisplay::announce_optionsHolds options for calls to function 'announce' (announce)
 CarrowArrows destined to be drawn on the map
 Cfilesystem::atomic_commitWrapper class that guarantees that file commit atomicity
 Cai::default_recruitment::attack_simulationFor Combat Analysis
 Cuser_handler::ban_infoBan status description
 Cwesnothd::banned_compareWe want to move the lowest value to the top
 Cbattle_contextComputes the statistics of a battle between an attacker and a defender unit
 Cbattle_context_unit_statsStructure describing the statistics of a unit involved in the battle
 Cfilesystem::binary_paths_managerThe paths manager is responsible for recording the various paths that binary files may be located at
 Ccampaignd::blacklistAdd-on blacklist table
 Ceditor::brushSingle brush – a set of relative locations around a "hotspot", and related info such as the icon image
 Cbuffered_istreamHelper class for buffering a std::istream
 Cgui2::builder_widgetContains the info needed to instantiate a widget
 Cterrain_builder::building_ruleThe in-memory representation of a [terrain_graphics] WML rule
 Cwb::side_actions_container::by_hexTag for action_set's hashed_non_unique index
 Cwb::side_actions_container::by_unitTag for action_set's hashed_non_unique index
 Cimage::cache_type< T >::cache_item
 Cimage::cache_type< T >
 Cwfl::call_stack_managerProvides debugging information for error messages
 Cgui2::canvasA simple canvas which can be drawn upon
 Cspirit_po::catalog< hashmap_type, pf_compiler >
 CcheckupA class to check whether the results that were calculated in the replay match the results calculated during the original game
 Cgui2::generator< minimum_selection, maximum_selection, my_placement, select_action >::childDefinition of an item
 Cgui2::grid::childChild item of the grid
 Cwb::side_actions_container::chronologicalTag for action_set's random_access index
 CCKeyClass that keeps track of all the keys on the keyboard
 Cactions::clearer_infoClass that stores the part of a unit's data that is needed for fog clearing
 Cgui2::clickable_itemSmall concept class
 Cdraw::clip_setterA class to manage automatic restoration of the clipping region
 Ccolor_rangeA color range definition is made of four reference RGB colors, used for calculating conversions from a source/key palette
 CcombatantAll combat-related info
 Cevents::map_command_handler< Worker >::command
 Cai::command_history_itemAI Command History Item
 Clua_kernel_base::command_logLog implementation
 CconfigA config object defines a single node in a WML file, with access to child nodes
 Cconfig_attribute_valueVariant for storing WML attributes
 Cgame_config::config_cacheSingleton class to manage game config file caching
 Cgame_config::config_cache_transactionUsed to share macros between cache objects You have to create transaction object to load all macros to memory and share them subsequent cache loads
 Cdetail::config_construct_unpacker< T >
 Cdetail::config_construct_unpacker< K, V, Rest... >
 Cdetail::config_construct_unpacker< T, config &, Rest... >
 Cdetail::config_construct_unpacker< T, config, Rest... >
 Cai::config_value_translator< T >
 Cai::config_value_translator< bool >
 Cai::config_value_translator< config >
 Cai::config_value_translator< std::string >
 Cai::config_value_translator< std::vector< std::string > >
 Cai::config_value_translator< terrain_filter >
 Cai::config_value_translator< unit_advancements_aspect >
 Cai::config_value_translator< utils::variant< bool, std::vector< std::string > > >
 Cconfig_writerClass for writing a config out to a file in pieces
 Cnetwork_asio::connectionA class that represents a TCP/IP connection
 Cgui2::dialogs::network_transmission::connection_dataA wrapper of either a wesnothd_connection or a network_asio::connection
 Cutils::const_clone< D, S >Helper struct to clone the constness of one type to another
 Cutils::const_clone< T, V >
 Cutils::detail::contains_impl< Container, Value >A struct that exists to implement a generic wrapper for std::find
 Cutils::detail::contains_impl< Container, typename Container::key_type >A struct that exists to implement a generic wrapper for the find() member of associative containers
 Ccampaignd::control_lineRepresents a server control line written to a communication socket
 Cgui2::dialogs::lua_interpreter::controllerThe controller is responsible to hold all the input widgets, and a pointer to the model and view
 Cucs4_convert_impl::convert_impl< T_CHAR >
 Cucs4_convert_impl::convert_impl< char >
 Cucs4_convert_impl::convert_impl< char16_t >
 Cucs4_convert_impl::convert_impl< char32_t >
 Cucs4_convert_impl::convert_impl< wchar_t >
 CdbconnThis class is responsible for handling the database connections as well as executing queries and handling any results
 Cai::descriptionAI parameters
 Cgui2::event::dispatcherBase class for event handling
 Cdisplay_contextAbstract class for exposing game data that doesn't depend on the GUI, however which for historical reasons is generally accessed via the GUI method display::get_singleton()
 Cdisplay::draw_helperHelper for rendering the map by ordering draw operations
 Ceditor::editor_actionBase class for all editor actions
 Cng::depcheck::manager::elemComponent (era, modification or scenario)
 Cenable_lua_ptr< T >
 Cenable_lua_ptr< widget >
 Cucs4_convert_impl::enableif< Tret, Tcheck >
 Cend_level_dataAdditional information on the game outcome which can be provided by WML
 Cconfig_attribute_value::equality_visitorVisitor handling equality checks
 Cgui2::event_executorEvent execution calls
 Cgame_events::event_filterRepresents a single filter condition on an event
 Cstd::exceptionSTL class
 Cgui2::executorHelper to make removing a timer in a callback safe
 Cgame_config::fake_transactionHolds a fake cache transaction if no real one is used
 Cfake_unit_managerManages a list of fake units for the display object
 Cfake_unit_ptrHolds a temporary unit that can be drawn on the map without being placed in the unit_map
 Cgui2::field_baseAbstract base class for the fields
 Cng::flg_managerFLG stands for faction, leader and gender
 Cstoryscreen::floating_imageRepresents and contains information about image labels used in story screen parts
 Cfont::floating_label_contextStructure which will hide all current floating labels, and cause floating labels instantiated after it is created to be displayed
 CformatterStd::ostringstream wrapper
 Canimated< T >::frame
 Cframe_builderEasily build frame parameters with the serialized constructors
 Cframe_parametersAll parameters from a frame at a given instant
 Cframe_parsed_parametersKeep most parameters in a separate class to simplify the handling of the large number of parameters between the frame level and animation level
 Cpathfind::full_cost_mapStructure which uses find_routes() to build a cost map This maps each hex to a the movements a unit will need to reach this hex
 Cwb::future_mapApplies the planned unit map for the duration of the struct's life
 Cwb::future_map_if_activeONLY IF whiteboard is currently active, applies the planned unit map for the duration of the struct's life
 Cgame_config_viewA class grating read only view to a vector of config objects, viewed as one config with all children appended, used by the game_config class to read data from addons config, and from the main config
 Cmp::game_infoThis class represents the info a client has about a game on the server
 Cgui2::game_tipThe tips of day structure
 Cgui2::grid_implementationHelper to implement private functions without modifying the header
 Cgui2::group< T >
 Cgui2::group< preferences::lobby_joins >
 Cgui2::group< side_controller::type >
 Cgui2::group< std::string >
 Cgui2::group< team_shared_vision::type >
 Cgui2::group< unit_race::GENDER >
 Cutils::guard_value< T >Data-based RAII scope guard
 Cgui2::gui_definitionA GUI theme definition
 Chalo::halo_recordRAII object which manages a halo
 Chelp::has_idTo be used as a function object to locate sections and topics with a specified ID
 Cstd::hash< color_t >
 Cstd::hash< font::pango_text >
 Cstd::hash< image::locator::value >
 Cstd::hash< map_location >
 Chelp::help_managerThe help implementation caches data parsed from the game_config
 Cwb::highlighterClass that handles highlighting planned actions as you hover over them and determine the right target for contextual execution
 Cai::holderBase class that holds the AI and current AI parameters
 Chotkey::hotkey_baseThis is the base class for hotkey event matching
 Chotkey::hotkey_commandStores all information related to functions that can be bound to hotkeys
 Cgui::indented_menu_itemThe only kind of row still supported by the menu class
 Ctexture::infoSmall wrapper that queries metadata about the provided texture
 Cvariable_info_implementation::info_visitor_base< R, P >Visitor base class
 Cgui2::dialogs::lua_interpreter::input_modelThe input_model keeps track of what commands were executed before, and figures out what should be displayed when the user presses up / down arrows in the input
 Caddons_client::install_resultContains the outcome of an add-on install operation
 Cgui2::integer_selectorSmall abstract helper class
 Cgui2::window::invalidate_layout_blockerHelper class to block invalidate_layout
 Cstd::ios_baseSTL class
 Cutils::irdya_dateCalendar for handling and comparing dates using the common epoches of the storyline
 Cimplementation::is_integral_v< std::remove_pointer_t< From > > >>Specialized conversion class
 Chelp::help_text_area::itemAn item that is displayed in the text area
 Chelp::help_text_area::item_atFunction object to find an item at the specified coordinates
 Ceditor::item_groupStores the info about the groups in a nice format
 Cdisplay::rect_of_hexes::iteratorVery simple iterator to walk into the rect_of_hexes
 Cgui2::grid::iteratorIterator for the child items
 Cucs4::iterator_base< string_type, update_implementation >
 Cunit_map::iterator_base< iter_types >
 Cucs4_convert_impl::iteratorwriter< oitor_t >Transforms an output iterator to a writer for ucs4_convert_impl functions
 Cleave_synced_contextA RAII object to temporary leave the synced context like in wesnoth.synchronize_choice
 Cng::levelBase class for all level type classes
 Cimplementation::lexical_caster< To, From, ToEnable, FromEnable >Base class for the conversion
 Cimplementation::lexical_caster< bool, From, void, std::enable_if_t< std::is_same_v< From, const char * >||std::is_same_v< From, char * > > >Specialized conversion class
 Cimplementation::lexical_caster< bool, std::string >Specialized conversion class
 Cimplementation::lexical_caster< long long, From, void, std::enable_if_t< std::is_same_v< From, const char * >||std::is_same_v< From, char * > > >Specialized conversion class
 Cimplementation::lexical_caster< long long, std::string >Specialized conversion class
 Cimplementation::lexical_caster< To, From, std::enable_if_t< std::is_floating_point_v< To > >, std::enable_if_t< std::is_same_v< From, const char * >||std::is_same_v< From, char * > > >Specialized conversion class
 Cimplementation::lexical_caster< To, From, std::enable_if_t< std::is_integral_v< To > &&std::is_signed_v< To > &&!std::is_same_v< To, long long > >, std::enable_if_t< std::is_same_v< From, const char * >||std::is_same_v< From, char * > > >Specialized conversion class
 Cimplementation::lexical_caster< To, From, std::enable_if_t< std::is_unsigned_v< To > &&!std::is_same_v< To, unsigned long long > >, std::enable_if_t< std::is_same_v< From, const char * >||std::is_same_v< From, char * > > >Specialized conversion class
 Cimplementation::lexical_caster< To, std::string, std::enable_if_t< std::is_floating_point_v< To > > >Specialized conversion class
 Cimplementation::lexical_caster< To, std::string, std::enable_if_t< std::is_integral_v< To > &&std::is_signed_v< To > &&!std::is_same_v< To, long long > > >Specialized conversion class
 Cimplementation::lexical_caster< To, std::string, std::enable_if_t< std::is_unsigned_v< To > > >Specialized conversion class
 Cimplementation::lexical_caster< unsigned long long, From, void, std::enable_if_t< std::is_same_v< From, const char * >||std::is_same_v< From, char * > > >Specialized conversion class
 Cimplementation::lexical_caster< unsigned long long, std::string >Specialized conversion class
 Cgui2::window::linked_sizeHelper struct to force widgets the have the same size
 Csavegame::loadgameThe class for loading a savefile
 Cmp::lobby_infoThis class represents the collective information the client has about the players and games on the server
 Cimage::locatorGeneric locator abstracting the location of an image
 Cai::lua_ai_action_handlerProxy class for calling AI action handlers defined in Lua
 Cai::lua_ai_contextProxy table for the AI context
 Clua_jailbreak_exceptionBase class for exceptions that want to be thrown 'through' lua
 Cgui2::dialogs::lua_interpreter::lua_modelThe lua model is responsible to interact with the lua kernel base and keep track of what should be displayed in the console
 Clua_ptr< T >Tmust inherit enable_lua_ptr<T>
 Clua_unitStorage for a unit, either owned by the Lua code (ptr != 0), a local variable unit (c_ptr != 0), on a recall list (side != 0), or on the map
 Cai::managerClass that manages AIs for all sides and manages AI redeployment
 Cgame_events::managerThe game event manager loads the scenario configuration object, and ensures that events are handled according to the scenario configuration for its lifetime
 Chotkey::managerThis class is initialized once at game start put all initialization and wipe code in the methods here
 Cimage::managerImage cache manager
 Cng::depcheck::managerNote to all triers: It's not guaranteed that the specified component will be selected (if the user denies to perform dependency resolution, all changes will be reverted)
 Cwb::managerThis class is the frontend of the whiteboard framework for the rest of the Wesnoth code
 Cevents::map_command_handler< Worker >
 Cevents::map_command_handler< chat_command_handler >
 Cevents::map_command_handler< console_handler >
 Ceditor::map_fragmentA map fragment – a collection of locations and information abut them
 Cmap_locationEncapsulates the map of the game
 Cwb::mapbuilderClass that collects and applies unit_map modifications from the actions it visits and reverts all changes on destruction
 Cpathfind::marked_routeStructure which holds a single route and marks for special events
 Cvariable_info_implementation::maybe_const< config::child_itors, const vi_policy_const >
 Cgui2::event::messageThe message callbacks hold a reference to a message
 Cgui2::dialogs::message_implementationHelper to implement private functions without modifying the header
 Cschema_validation::schema_validator::message_infoMessages are cached
 Cimage::modificationBase abstract class for an image-path modification
 Cimage::modification_queueA modified priority queue used to order image modifications
 Ceditor::mouse_actionA mouse action receives events from the controller, and responds to them by creating an appropriate editor_action object
 CmovetypeThe basic "size" of the unit - flying, small land, large land, etc
 Csound::music_trackInternal representation of music tracks
 Cmp::network_registrarRAII helper class to register a network handler
 Cgui2::notifiee< FUNCTOR >Helper class to implement callbacks with lifetime management
 Cgui2::notifiee< functor_t >
 Cgui2::notifier< FUNCTOR >Helper class to implement callbacks with lifetime management
 Cgui2::notifier< functor_t >
 Cutils::optimer< ResolutionType, ClockType >Reports time elapsed at the end of an object scope
 Coptional_config_impl< T >
 Coptional_config_impl< const config >
 Cutils::optional_reference< T >A simple wrapper class for optional reference types
 Cutils::optional_reference< const unit_type >
 Cutils::optional_reference< events::mouse_handler >
 Cutils::optional_reference< gui2::window >
 Cfont::p_fontSmall helper class to make sure the pango font object is destroyed properly
 Cgui2::pane_implementationHelper to implement private functions without modifying the header
 Cfont::pango_textText class
 Cmovetype::terrain_info::parametersThe parameters used when calculating a terrain-based value
 Cai::path_element_matches< T >
 Cpathfind::pathsObject which contains all the possible locations a unit can move to, with associated best routes to those locations
 Cgame_events::pending_event_handlerRepresents a handler that is about to be added to the events manager but is still waiting for some data
 Cgui2::placer_baseBase class for the placement helper
 Cpathfind::plain_routeStructure which holds a single route between one location and another
 CpreprocessorBase class for preprocessing an input
 Cprogressive_base< T, D >
 Cprogressive_base< T, std::pair< T, T > >
 Cprogressive_base< T, T >
 Cquit_confirmationImplements a quit confirmation dialog
 Cwb::real_mapEnsures that the real unit map is active for the duration of the struct's life
 Crecall_list_managerThis class encapsulates the recall list of a team
 Cdisplay::rect_of_hexesRectangular area of hexes, allowing to decide how the top and bottom edges handles the vertical shift for each parity of the x coordinate
 Clg::redirect_output_setterHelper class to redirect the output of the logger in a certain scope
 Cn_ref_counter::ref_counter< T_integral >Ref_counter is a reference counter
 Cn_ref_counter::ref_counter< signed int >
 Cdraw::render_target_setterA class to manage automatic restoration of the render target
 Cvariable_info_implementation::replace_range_hReplaces the child in [startindex, endindex) with 'source' 'insert' and 'append' are subcases of this
 Ccampaignd::server::requestClient request information object
 Cmovetype::resistancesStores a set of resistances
 Cgui2::event::resource_lockerSmall helper to keep a resource (boolean) locked
 Cterrain_builder::rule_imageEach terrain_graphics rule is associated a set of images, which are applied on the terrain if the rule matches
 Cterrain_builder::tile::rule_image_randRepresent a rule_image applied with a random seed
 Cterrain_builder::rule_image_variantAn image variant
 Csave_blockerWhile any instance of this class exists, attempts to save the game via any call to play_controller will be temporarily postponed: the call will return immediately without performing the save, but the save method will then be reinvoked from this class's destructor
 Csavegame::save_infoFilename and modification date for a file list
 Csavegame::save_info_less_timeA structure for comparing to save_info objects based on their modified time
 Csave_blocker::save_unblockerAn exception-safe means of making sure that unblock() gets called after try_block()
 Csavegame::savegameThe base class for all savegame stuff
 Cutils::scope_exit< F >
 Cgame_config::scoped_preproc_define_internal< T >Used to set and unset scoped defines to preproc_map
 Cgame_config::scoped_preproc_define_internal< test_config_cache >
 Cgui2::scrollbar_container_implementationHelper to implement private functions without modifying the header
 Chelp::sectionA section contains topics and sections along with title and ID
 Chelp::section_lessTo be used as a function object when sorting section lists on the title
 Cgui2::selectable_itemSmall abstract helper class
 Cserver_baseBase class for implementing servers that use gzipped-WML network protocol
 Crandomness::set_random_determinsticRAII class to use rng_deterministic in the current scope
 Cset_scontext_unsyncedAn object to leave the synced context during draw or unsynced wml items when we don’t know whether we are in a synced context or not
 Cgui2::canvas::shapeAbstract base class for all other shapes
 Cutils::shared_reference< T >
 Cactions::shroud_clearerClass to encapsulate fog/shroud clearing and the resultant sighted events
 Cactions::shroud_clearing_actionBase class for classes that clear srhoud (move/recruit/recall)
 Cwb::side_actions_containerDatastructure holding the actions of a side on multiple turns
 Cactions::shroud_clearer::sight_dataA record of a sighting event
 Cgui2::event::dispatcher::signal_queue< T >Helper struct to generate the various event queues
 Cgui2::event::dispatcher::signal_queue< signal >
 Cgui2::event::dispatcher::signal_queue< signal_keyboard >
 Cgui2::event::dispatcher::signal_queue< signal_message >
 Cgui2::event::dispatcher::signal_queue< signal_mouse >
 Cgui2::event::dispatcher::signal_queue< signal_notification >
 Cgui2::event::dispatcher::signal_queue< signal_raw_event >
 Cgui2::event::dispatcher::signal_queue< signal_text_input >
 Cgui2::event::dispatcher::signal_queue< signal_touch_gesture >
 Cgui2::event::dispatcher::signal_queue< signal_touch_motion >
 Cgui2::event::dispatcher::signal_type< T >Helper struct to generate the various signal types
 Cgui2::iteration::policy::visit::skip_levelThis policy skips the current level
 Cgui2::slider_base::slider_position_tHelper container for the slider's current position
 Csoundsource::sourcespecSound source info class
 Cgame_events::context::stateState when processing a particular flight of events or commands
 Cgui2::state_definitionContains the state info for a resolution
 Cstoryscreen::story_parserSmall helper class to encapsulate the common logic for parsing storyscreen WML
 Cconfig_attribute_value::string_visitorVisitor for converting a variant to a string
 Csub_achievementRepresents a distinct sub-achievement within another achievement
 Csurface_locker< T >Helper class for pinning SDL surfaces into memory
 Ct_string_baseHelper class for translatable strings
 CteamThis class stores all the data for a single 'side' (in game nomenclature)
 Ctemporary_unit_moverThis object is used to temporary move a unit in the unit map, swapping out any unit that is already there
 Ctemporary_unit_placerThis object is used to temporary place a unit in the unit map, swapping out any unit that is already there
 Ctemporary_unit_removerThis object is used to temporary remove a unit from the unit map
 Ct_translation::ter_matchThis structure can be used for matching terrain strings
 Cterrain_builderThe class terrain_builder is constructed from a config object, and a gamemap object
 Ct_translation::terrain_codeA terrain string which is converted to a terrain is a string with 1 or 2 layers the layers are separated by a caret and each group consists of 2 to 4 characters if no second layer is defined it is stored as 0xFFFFFFFF, if the second layer is empty (needed for matching) the layer has the value 0
 Cterrain_builder::terrain_constraintThe in-memory representation of a [tile] WML rule inside of a [terrain_graphics] WML rule
 Cmovetype::terrain_costsA const-only interface for how many (movement, vision, or "jamming") points a unit needs for each hex
 Cmovetype::terrain_defenseStores a set of defense levels
 Cterrain_labelTo store label data Class implements logic for rendering
 Cterrain_type_dataContains the database of all known terrain types, both those defined explicitly by WML [terrain_type]s and those made by combining pairs of (base, overlay)
 Cgui2::text_historyClass for text input history
 CtextureWrapper class to encapsulate creation and management of an SDL_Texture
 Cterrain_builder::tileRepresents a tile of the game map, with all associated builder-specific parameters: flags, images attached to this tile, etc
 Ceditor::tile_infoThis represents a tile along with information about it, namely the terrain, possibly other information
 Cterrain_builder::tilemapThe map of "tile" structures corresponding to the level map
 Cgui2::dialogs::debug_clock::timeHelper struct to keep track of the time
 Ctime_of_dayObject which defines a time of day with associated bonuses, image, sounds etc
 Chelp::title_lessTo be used as a function object when sorting topic lists on the title
 Ctmp_fileSelf destructive temporary file at the current directory
 Ctod_colorSmall struct to store and manipulate ToD color adjusts
 Cpreprocessor_data::token_descDescription of a preprocessing chunk
 CtokenizerAbstract baseclass for the tokenizer
 Cgui2::builder_window::window_resolution::tooltip_infoHelper struct to store information about the tips
 Cgui2::top_level_drawableA top-level drawable item (TLD), such as a window
 Chelp::topicA topic contains a title, an id and some text
 Chelp::topic_generatorGenerate a topic text on the fly
 Chelp::topic_textThe text displayed in a topic
 Ctransient_end_levelThe non-persistent part of end_level_data
 Cconfig_attribute_value::true_falseA wrapper for bool to get the correct streaming ("true"/"false")
 Cgui2::typed_formula< T >Template class can hold a value or a formula to calculate the value
 Cgui2::typed_formula< bool >
 Cgui2::typed_formula< color_t >
 Cgui2::typed_formula< int >
 Cgui2::typed_formula< PangoAlignment >
 Cgui2::typed_formula< std::string >
 Cgui2::typed_formula< t_string >
 Cgui2::typed_formula< unsigned >
 Chotkey::ui_commandUsed as the main paramneter for can_execute_command/do_execute_command These functions are used to execute hotkeys but also to execute menu items, (Most menu items point to the same action as a hotkey but not all)
 Cactions::undo_action_baseRecords information to be able to undo an action
 Cactions::undo_listClass to store the actions that a player can undo and redo
 Cunit_abilityData typedef for unit_ability_list
 Cunit_frameDescribes a unit's animation sequence
 Cunit_mapContainer associating units to locations
 Cunit_movement_resetterObject which temporarily resets a unit's movement
 Cunit_display::unit_moverA class to encapsulate the steps of drawing a unit's move
 Cunit_map::unit_podThe pointer to the unit and a reference counter to record the number of extant iteratorspointing to this unit
 Cunit_typeA single unit type that the player may recruit
 Cunit::upkeep_parser_visitorVisitor helper class to parse the upkeep value from a config
 Cunit::upkeep_type_visitorVisitor helper struct to fetch the upkeep type flag if applicable, or the the value otherwise
 Cunit::upkeep_value_visitorVisitor helper class to fetch the appropriate upkeep value
 Cmp_sync::user_choiceInterface for querying local choices
 Cuser_handlerAn interface class to handle nick registration To activate it put a [user_handler] section into the server configuration file
 Cmp::user_infoThis class represents the information a client has about another player
 Cwb::variable_finalizer< T >Finalizer class to help with exception safety sets variable to value on destruction
 Cvariable_info< V >Information on a WML variable
 Cvariable_info_implementation::variable_info_state< V >
 Cwfl::variant_iteratorIterator class for the variant
 Cwfl::variant_value_baseBase class for all variant types
 Cai::variant_value_translator< T >
 Cai::variant_value_translator< attacks_vector >
 Cai::variant_value_translator< bool >
 Cai::variant_value_translator< int >
 Cai::variant_value_translator< std::string >
 Cai::variant_value_translator< terrain_filter >
 CvconfigA variable-expanding proxy for the config class
 Cstd::vector< T >STL class
 Cversion_infoRepresents version numbers
 Cvariable_info_implementation::vi_policy_constThe variable_info policy classes
 Cvariable_info_implementation::vi_policy_createCreates a child table when resolving name if it doesn't exist yet
 Cvariable_info_implementation::vi_policy_throwWill throw an exception when trying to access a nonexistent table
 Cgui2::viewport_implementationHelper to implement private functions without modifying the header
 Cdraw::viewport_setterA class to manage automatic restoration of the viewport region
 Chelp::help_menu::visible_itemInformation about an item that is visible in the menu
 Cgui2::iteration::policy::visit::visit_level< level >This policy tries to visit the current level
 Cgui2::iteration::policy::visit_level< bool, level >Helper class to select to visit or skip a level
 Cgui2::iteration::policy::visit_level< VC, walker_base::child >
 Cgui2::iteration::policy::visit_level< VG, walker_base::internal >
 Cgui2::iteration::policy::visit_level< VW, walker_base::self >
 Cwb::visitorAbstract base class for all the visitors (cf GoF Visitor Design Pattern) the whiteboard uses
 Cgui2::iteration::walker_baseThe walker abstract base class
 Cutils::wesnoth_epoch_definesReference points for the dates that define the storyline's calendar
 Cwesnothd_connectionA class that represents a TCP/IP connection to the wesnothd server
 Cwidget_getter< widget_type, value_type >
 Cwidget_setter< widget_type, value_type >
 Csdl::windowThe wrapper class for the SDL_Window class
 Cgui2::window_implementationHelper to implement private functions without modifying the header
 Chotkey::wml_hotkey_recordRAII helper class to control the lifetime of a WML hotkey_command
 Cschema_validation::wml_keyWml_key is used to save the information about one key
 Cgui2::dialogs::wml_message_inputParameter pack for message text input options
 Cgui2::dialogs::wml_message_optionHelper class for message options
 Cgui2::dialogs::wml_message_optionsParameter pack for message list input options
 Cgui2::dialogs::wml_message_portraitParameter pack for message portrait
 Cschema_validation::wml_tagStores information about tag
 Cschema_validation::wml_typeStores information about a schema type
 Cconfig_attribute_value::yes_noA wrapper for bool to get the correct streaming ("yes"/"no")